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Liebster Award 2015

This is the first time to receive an award and it feels so great! In the whole duration of this blog, I never felt so honored. Even though I’m still a noob at this but at least, some are there reading my posts may it be senseless or full of wit. As always, thank you!

Liebster Award

It was Eleigh of Whatever Babe that I got tagged for this award and I deeply thank you for making me feel loved! And by reading her post, the ones who get tagged are asked some questions may it be personal or not. In another sense, it is a way of discovering blogs that may be different from you. I think it’s fun because you’ll get to know other bloggers out there who may be able to help you through your journey.
What other way to know about bloggers is to blog about them, right? So here goes.

Imagine you’re a Disney Princess. Describe the idea of your Prince Charming.

  • The idea of my Prince Charming would be, Sam. He’s always there whenever you need him, being comfortable whenever he’s around (not getting dolled up) and loves & accepts the way I am.

 If you win the lottery and had to spend everything in a day, how will you do it?

  • I would donate to various charities, invest, splurge a little, buy a house and lot and a plane.

If I had a chance to change my name, what will it be?

  • If ever, Maria Kristina. Just a minor change.

A short sentence dedicated to your high school crush.

  • Who are you again? Hahahaha!

If everyone looked the same, how will you set yourself apart from the rest?

  • I guess, I’ll just be myself and not give af if whatever is fad.

What do you think is the difference between a blogger and a journalist?

  • Bloggers don’t get killed for blogging yet journalists are sometimes killed for writing articles. Harsh but it’s the truth.

 If you had to write an autobiography, what quote would you like to start with?

  • “Haters gonna hate.”

An unlimited travel visa, a magic money dispensing wallet, a perfect boyfriend/girlfriend. Choose one and explain.

  • A magic money dispensing wallet. With that, you can travel without thinking too much of the expenses and you can always apply for visas or passports as long as you have money.

Think of a book character. If you had the power to to change his/her destiny, how would you want them to turn out?

  • Ned Stark. I would not let him die, I will make him King of the Seven Kingdoms.

If you can resurrect a celebrity from the dead and have him/her for your roommate, who will it be and why? (No Kurt Cobain please. He’s already reserved.)

  • It will always be Marilyn Monroe. She is the ultimate Hollywood Sex Icon and she is not skinny! In truth, she is voluptuous and a bit chubby yet she was adored by so many! I just want to be her best friend aside from diamonds!

If there’s one particular skill that you can be an expert on, what would it be and why?

  • Photographic memory like what Mike Ross has. I will not find it hard to familiarize myself with the provisions of the law if ever we are required to recite verbatim and I will not forget anything I read.

Rules of the Liebster:

  • Thank who tagged you with a link to his/her blog
  • Answer the 11 questions given
  • Make 11 questions
  • Tag 11 bloggers to answer your questions
The 11 questions:
  1. Of all your pet peeves, which one is in the top spot?
  2.  If you were not a human being, what will you be and why?
  3. Name the top three (3) things that you can leave at your place when you go out.
  4. How will you feel if you were given a chance to be in someone else’s shoe for a day?
  5. Who is the greatest influencer in your life?
  6. Would you live in another planet? Why?
  7. How would you describe your squad goals?
  8. If the celebrity crush of your life will take you be his lawfully wedded husband or wife, will you say I do? Explain.
  9. How do you get jealous?
  10. Describe your ideal home.
  11. If you were to have at least three (3) superpowers, what will it be and why?

The nominees:

Reylen Castro | Made It Through Mum
Joy | Joyrney To Life
Krizia Catapang | KrishGeek
Kitsuna | Ventures of the Vixen
Jessica Tanzo | Lady Arizel
Joy Reginaldo | The Paperless Panda
Sabrina Escoto | The Sab Stuff
Bee Caluya | Sincerely, Bee
Mac Valdez | Estudyante Travels
Vikki Daet | Virtual Vikki
Vianna | A Sunny Happiness

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