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Level up Your Skills: Join These Workshops in Manila

Level up Your Skills

Looking for ways to boost your career or get the job you want? Level up your skills by attending these workshops in Manila! Hone your skills with the experts!

Level up Your Skills: Join These Workshops in Manila

Job hunting can be quite a tedious activity for most of us wherever we are in the world. At times, there are instances that people settle for a work that does not truly fulfill their goals and aspirations in life. So how could attending workshops fulfill that void?

In the Philippines, a research from in 2015 named communication, trainability, and competence as the top three functional skills being sought by employers. A survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers in the US almost has a similar result ranking leadership, communication, and ability to work with a team as the most valuable skills in the workplace.

One needs to continuously invest in developing oneself to cope with the demands of your job. It’s not an easy job to do so many tasks without prior knowledge to it. Honestly, that is one mistake that some companies or employers do. Engaging with the people you work with and helping them grow is one of the best ways in investing even in yourself.

Aside from reading articles or videos from the internet, an effective way to learn is by attending workshops where you can interact with the trainer and meet fellow participants face-to- face.

This is where I introduce to you, Go Up Events.

What is Go Up Events?

Go Up Events is an all-around event logistic provider. They aim to support your career goals by organizing various workshops in Manila this 2017. Their upcoming events this June and July focuses on communication, leadership, and marketing.

Attending can be a sure way to set your learning objectives on track. Not only that, but you get to level up your innate skills and possibly gain new friends and more skills!

Here’s the list of the workshops they will be having.

Business Writing Seminar

Level up Your Skills

Pave the way to success through writing!

Without further ado!

Go Up Events Manila presents Write Your Way to Success – A Business Writing Seminar for Professionals.  This event is in partnership with Manila Workshops and

This workshop aims to teach you how to write an effective letter, memo, minutes of the meeting or e-mail. Even I recommend it especially to people in the corporate field or in the writing field.

To register and view the course out line, just visit this.

Effective Proposal Writing

Level up Your Skills

Writing Hacks For Entrepreneurs

Writing Hacks for Entrepreneurs  is a two-hour seminar discussing tips on how to write content fast, create winning proposals, and use online tools to polish your documents.

Professionals working in the fields of sales and marketing who write correspondences to gain clients will benefit from this event. Not only that but to the ones who are engaging in online marketing or business, this will surely help you!

The registration fee will suit your budget at Php 200 only.

Search Engine Optimization 101

Level up Your Skills

SEO for Marketers

What comes to your mind when you hear SEO?

Somehow, I find SEO to be one tricky thing to do. It is always evolving depending on how the factors around it are behaving. This is the second workshop in the Writing Hacks series.

This workshop is all about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO for Marketers is designed for the professional tasked to create content and drive traffic to their company website.

Learn more about this event here.

Leadership Training for Supervisors

Level up Your Skills

Coaching that Sticks

People look up to leaders that they know and trust. From trusting the people around them, they would also look up to the people they work for or work with. Honestly, I’m sure that you want someone who could lead you to your goals or at least guide you to reach those. Leading direct reports require communication, management, and interpersonal skills.

Coaching that Sticks – Leadership Training for Supervisors will help you navigate the task of motivating people to maximize team performance.

Save the date on July 15 and reserve your slot here.

Schedule Your Next Learning Event

Does any of these workshops in Manila interest you?

Contact Go Up Events Manila by sending an e-mail at or visit their website.

Commit yourself to developing your skills and building your confidence. Learning is always one of the best ways to grow. Set aside a sum of money each payday for the events you’d like to attend. Always keep in mind that age doesn’t matter in learning! Don’t be scared of learning even if you’re more mature than most.

Remember, education does not discriminate!

Take action and plan to join at least one workshop in Manila in each quarter. You may also share this link with your boss and ask if your company provides budget for training opportunities.

What would your boss/company leaders say to training?


Let me know through the comment box!

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  • Reply
    Milton Coyne
    June 6, 2017 at 3:07 PM

    I am not really into business but these workshops are really interesting. I would love to learn those SEO techniques as I think it is not just applicable for businesses but also for bloggers and website owners who want to drive more traffic to their websites.
    These workshops should be grabbed by those people who just started their business or planning to enter this kind of field
    thanks for sharing

  • Reply
    June 7, 2017 at 5:33 PM

    I LOVE WORKSHOPS! You know this naman diba?! Haha. If only I were in Manila on these dates, I’d gladly go and indulge myself. :/ Sadly, I rely on online courses and internet research to learn what I need to level up. Are you going to any of these yourself? I know my boss would let me attend, with complications. Hehe. I’ve never heard of Go Up Events prior to this. Are they new?

  • Reply
    Clarice of My Metro Lifestyle
    July 29, 2017 at 9:20 PM

    I am working with some clients who conducts seminars and workshops in Metro Manila. I wonder if Go Up Events will to assist in the marketing of the event only since the logistics and other needs are all in place. If they do, I wonder what are their rates or terms. In behalf of my clients, I would like to explore of the possibility of collaborating with them. 🙂

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