Knock Knock

Knock Knock is a thriller movie directed by Eli Roth which stars Keanu Reeves. It’s a thriller film about a happily married man with two children who were lured by two women who knocked on his door when he was left alone.

Knock Knock

The film is set to be shown starting October 21 (nationwide) here, but luckily, I was chosen to be part of the winners for the advance screening last October 6 at Glorietta. It was totally unexpected because who would’ve thought I’d win.

Nevertheless, thank you to Starmometer for having that giveaway!

The tickets look so nice because they utilized the poster and the part where it will be torn did not in any way destroy the ticket!


Here’s the trailer:


My thoughts on the film would be, social media are too damn powerful and could leave anyone in danger if you are not careful enough with what you post. One photo or video could ruin an entire family and leave you like a total wreck. Even if your character is way too good or you have high regard to your values, temptations will be always there and you must be strong enough to refuse it. It could even start a war or make peace depending on how you use it. Some abuse and think that anything could be posted.

Even though you are such a kind person, you still need to have restrictions. Even if you are nice, you won’t just let anyone in your home. Stalking can be virtually done and if you are not careful enough, you might put yourself in danger by just merely tweeting or posting something.

The movie shows that men are not the only ones who could commit such deeds. Even women can do this and that could leave men a total havoc.

Here are my other thoughts about it:
  • The actresses who played the antagonists, Lorenza Izzo (played Genesis) and Ana de Armas (played Bel), did really a good job giving me the creeps, shocks, gasps and even the ‘dude, what the fuck was that’ moments. Thumbs up for them!!
  • Keanu Reeves, who played protagonist Evan Webber, certainly did a great job in playing the role! From his other movies that I have watched, this has a different touch. Want to know why? Go watch the movie!
  • The plot is really sick and that’s my initial reaction to it. The climax was really intense and made me hug my bag (literally!) while watching.
  • Some parts, especially during calls were somehow disappointing since you know hot calls or FaceTime work on iOS yet how it was shown was hinting that it may be effects that were just added.

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Here are some realizations:
  • Never be too kind.
  • Always have a pocket knife or a pepper spray or a stun gun with you. The one that can be concealed.
  • Have a guard dog.
  • Never leave your door open, especially you’re going to be home alone. Be sure to lock everything if you’re going to be working all night.
  • Have an underground passage out of your house and into the city or wherever.
  • Never talk to strangers.
  • Never allow yourself to be allured by strangers, by total strangers!
Last but not the least:

Never answer your door if you aren’t expecting anyone.

Now, wait for October 21 and go see the movie but if you’re patient, you’ know what to do!

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