Ideas to Keep You Scribbling

Ideas to Keep You Scribbling

What keeps you on scribbling? The same question is ask if how we are with life. How we are doing or what keeps us going.

What Keeps One Scribbling?

It is very challenging to keep the fire burning in your heart when you pursue something. At some point, we encounter humps and bumps that hinder us from being productive with what we love doing. We experience burnouts and other incidents that may tire us from doing what we do best. This hinders us from becoming the best versions of ourselves and is stuck at a point where time stands still.

But how can one keep on doing what they do best?

Some keep a habit tracker in their own journals while some just write ideas in their idea-list or idea dump. I, for one, keep a journal where I could just write any idea that comes into my head so that I can get back to it when I have the drive or energy to do so. Yet sometimes, there are instances that the ideas escape my mind before I am able to write it down.

That is totally normal.

Mind you, this series has been on a hiatus because I experienced the same thing. However, I vowed to conquer those and help you as well.

Now, here are the prompts that would keep you scribbling or even help you be on the creative track once again.

#1 Favorite Gadget or Gadgets

Favorite Gadgets on Keeping You Scribbling5

What is it with gadgets these days?

These are things that help us speed up the workload we do or help us to be twice as productive. Yet to some, these gadgets are just mere tools without any value to the things they do to improve what they do best.

This prompt can help you reminisce the help you obtained when you began using your gadgets. Some may even doodle or illustrate the gadgets that they own. It helps one to appreciate more of the things around you whether they helped you or not.

#2 First Love

It may be far from the gadgets but we all have our own version of, first love. Some may have loved sports, music, or even a celebrity. Sharing is easier if you personally share your own experiences as it comes from the heart. Others relate to it easily as they may have the same story.

My choice is music, I always go back to my first love which is the piano. Whenever I go home, I would always play classical pieces on the piano. Then, I always reminisce about the lovely feeling I have and the passion that always burns for music.

It is both a happy and exciting feeling for me!

#3 First Crush

Talking about our first crushes will always be a cute and embarrassing experience. Since some of us may get timid about sharing stories about their crush, other think that it is quite a bonding experience. You may think this is girl talk but after the years that passed, it is all good and funny!

Come to think of it, this is a laughing matter among friends as you may share your first crushes! To be honest, I cannot imagine myself doing this since I will be looking like tomatoes from the sharing. However, it will surely bring boisterous laughter among you and your friends.

#4 First Pen

We all have the memory of having our first pen. It may be just an ordinary pen that we bought using our own money and not the allowance that was given to us while we were still studying. It brings a lot of memories especially if it was used for a lot of unforgettable memories that molded us into who we are today.

Others throw away pens easily. It is as if that those pens do not have value or any other sentiment that contributed to their lives. On the contrary, I am such a hoarder of pens. The way I think is that I may use the pens almost all the time and might lose ink afterward so I would buy at least two (2) pieces of it and then I’m good to go. Yet, some pens have refills so I tend to buy refills early too and it will be put in the stock area until I have the need for them.

Creating an artwork featuring your first pen will be a throwback one since it will bring you memories that you may have forgotten. Honestly, in creating, it is better to reconnect with the past in order to remember the roots and successfully move on to the next phase.

#5 First Year of Creativity

How have you been during your first year of creating?

Well, this is the point where we truly remember everything before and after we started creating. You travel back in time, not literally of course, to the time where creating was still a fiction to you. Things seem different and you find yourself wondering what could have been and what would have been.

Here, you can show your doodles from before and draw another version of it one year after. It’s one of the best progress trackers that you can ever have for yourself!

So that concludes the list for the scribbling prompts. I hope this will be able to help you conquer those humps!

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Creative Scribbling Prompts 


What’s your favorite prompt from this list? 😊


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