iVideo Pocket WiFi Rental

iVideo Pocket WiFi Review

Get connected wherever you are with iVideo Pocket WiFi. With iVideo, you can access the internet even you’re thousand miles away from home.

iVideo Pocket WiFi Rental

Traveling around the world is fun. Right? Yet some do feel the need of sharing their captures of the places they have been too almost in an instant. However, some buffer the posts so they have something to savor before letting it out in the social media.

Back then, using the internet was not even considered a need. It was a luxury that was enjoyed by the people who could afford an internet connection. Nowadays, internet access can be afforded by almost anyone who receives money for compensation.

For people like me who document and share parts of their lives to the internet, getting connected is a necessity. Online influencers and alike have their fair share of issues about getting connected.

On iVideo

I have heard about iVideo through blogging communities across social networks. Roaming services from local networks could be very expensive. Some don’t even recommend it since it would actually cost you more than just renting out a pocket WiFi from providers.

When you travel to a foreign place, you will see network providers stationed along the arrival area. They would provide help and assistance so you could be able to communicated while being there. Though, one thing that could hinder you on availing a sim card there. Their rates would be a lot different than what you got used to.

So, what about iVideo?

How is it different to other providers out there?

The thing is, their connection is fast. Though signal reception would also depend on your location if it receives signal well or not.

For my trial, I was not able to travel out with it. I was just able to use the WiFi from Metro Manila, Philippines. The cities I’ve been to with it were Manila, Makati, Pasay, and a nearby province like Cavite.

For Cavite, it was in Alfonso. The connection there was poor as if the cellular towers are still not giving 4G LTE signal.

The connection was pleasant and fast if you’re in Metro Manila. Though, there were areas where it had an intermittent connection. Since some areas are crowded, I’ve experienced slow connection as well. It is inevitable when you are in a city with so many people living.

The signal reception could be disrupted by high buildings. Hence, potentially blocking other users from utilizing faster connection.

The Device

iVideo Pocket WiFi Rental

The pocket WiFi device I used.

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to the device itself. They utilize various types of modems that could cater depending on your needs.

Moreover, there are devices that are different from each other. Some destination countries have similar devices to each other. Most of their devices have the 4G LTE connection which boasts of high speed internet connection.

Though please be warned, check your areas if the network serves 4G LTE connection.

More details about the pocket WiFi (Philippines edition) here.

Overall Experience

Using iVideo Pocket WiFi was helpful to me since if I had to work outside my home, I could connect in an instant. I refrained from using my mobile data service allowing me to save up.

Frankly, the only thing that was unpleasant was that some of the cellular towers here haven’t had the technology that could allow their signals to penetrate other establishments beside sky high buildings. That was the only thing frustrating when it comes to using a pocket WiFi.

Would I recommend them?

  • Yes, of course. Their staff are very helpful and friendly. They would see to it that you receive the device properly and that the service they provide is well.

If you are curious about them, here are some helpful links you might want to see:

Disclaimer: They have sent me a pocket WiFi device for the review. All opinions are mine.


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    Thanks for sharing your user experience here. Am gonna use it during my Laos trip in Sept. very useful info sharing here & am saving your post here for my reference then 😉 let’s get connected whenever we travel with ivideo ya 😉 cheers. SiennyLovesDrawing

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