Dear Diary

Holy Week 2016

Today was the day that I went home for the Holy Week. It has been my personal tradition to make an effort to go home despite of the stress that I have been enduring since the start of my college adventure. Well, here’s how I would want to spend this mini-break.

Going home means more time to unwind, relax and enjoy the presence of everyone and every dog in the house, I plan on doing something worthwhile with them. Yet, this is also my time to recharge myself, my soul and my being. It is the time to recharge all the motivation I have so that when I get back, I’ll be ready to conquer the world again.

To keep you updated, here’s what I have been planning to do this Holy Week 2016 slash mini-vacation at hand:

  • Practice calligraphy (both dip pen and brush)
I brought almost all my stuff here in Legazpi so I could practice my skills in terms of calligraphy (both dip pen and brush) and also to have art date/s with my artsy friends as well. I was posting some selected footages on my Snapchat (mariaisquixotic) and some photos on Facebook to show my progress yet I feel that it’s still not enough. You can only achieve your goals only through practice and by practicing religiously like devoting and allocating time for it even just for an hour a day.
Request from Joy
Using watercolor as ink

For my next post about my calligraphy journey, I may share something I learned with using watercolor as ink that you might use as well in your own calligraphy adventure.

  • Practice the piano

As you may have known, I have been playing the piano since I was a kid and that was around 5-6 years old and up until now, I can still play. I’m no prodigy but I can surely play some notes and pieces. Lately, I’ve been wanting to play so when I got the chance at Lyric in Glorietta, I practiced and it felt so good. The goal this vacation is to be able to play my old pieces flawlessly and learn even just a new piece. I seriously have doubts in fulfilling this but I might as well try.

My piano near my calligra stuff
  • Try to cook / bake

It’s hard to cook but it’s fun and we don’t really know the people behind who give us yummy meals at the establishments we go to just to eat.


  • Do the traditions about Holy Week
I think this is self-explanatory.
  • Appreciate nature more
Yes, I live in the province where the almost perfect cone volcano stays which is Albay. I’m a proud Bicolana and I am planning to share places to visit when you go here. Yet sometimes, even I don’t appreciate the beauty of nature because the glitz and glam would blind me first.
  • Think of new ideas to blog about
Having a blog idea list is not bad at all. I’ve been browsing some ideas on Pinterest and I got some, can’t wait to post about those soon.
  • Update my notes
Yes, school will never go away so I brought my book and notes so I could update them when I’m here. I just hope I could really get motivated to do it!
  • Countdown to our April Giveaway!
This will be the first time that Sab of The Sab Stuff and I will be having our very own giveaway!! Can’t want to post about it this coming April! I do hope you’ll be supporting us!
Coming soon this April!
I guess this might be the only post I have for this long weekend / Holy Week / mini-vacation. I do hope you’ll have a great time as well! Let’s not forget that this Holy Week is about Jesus’ suffering to save mankind. Let’s respect it and also reflect on the things we have been doing.

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