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Hola 2016!

Welcoming 2016 is easy but surviving it will be tough. 2016 was welcomed with so many pleasantries and here’s how we welcomed 2016 (of course, with a bang)!

Hola 2016!

In our family, it’s a tradition that we pray the rosary or pray together as a family. We celebrated anticipated mass at Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Tahao Rd (now, Imelda Roces Ave if I’m right). Then we went home and personally, I checked on our dogs and prepared them for the stressful fireworks display.

For dog lovers like me, you could put them inside their cages and put on some cover on the cage itself / put cotton in their ears. For those dogs allowed inside the homes, they could stay in a room wherein the exploding sound can be hardly heard. And here’s a post about some other tips that you could read to help prepare your dogs for the new year.

Then it was time to sleep for lunch with relatives was coming!


Welcome 2016!! 🎉🎊 #vsco #vscocam #vscoph #lifecravings

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Then the sun rose and shone its magnificent rays to us people. It showed us how wonderful life could be. Visitors came and soon left but they left big smiles on their faces. January is the first month and this is the month where we set our goals, check our accomplishments during the past year and hope to grow and improve ourselves later on.

Aside from all the merrymaking during the holidays, let’s not forget that we are still humans and we still have feelings and emotions like sadness or madness. Let’s also contemplate on our deeds the past year and think of the improvements we could have done. This year, I have set some personal goals that would include:

  • Improving my performance in school (the past terms were kinda awkward in some ways)
  • Improve my stress management (practice brush and pointed nib calligraphy during breaks)
  • Improve my independent living skills
  • Maintain open-mindedness about certain things
  • Lastly, improve my communication and saving skills.
Looking back at 2015, I’ve gained more knowledge and wisdom (more than the previous years) and surely, it has taught me a lot and through those, I have wanted to improve myself more to become a better being in this world. In my year-ender post, I’ve listed various items. Now, I’m planning to make 2016 my year. There are a lot of things to look forward to and to list a few:
  • January – The transfer / the fourth term
  • Feb – Tita Ning’s name day
  • March – Sam’s graduation / 5th year
  • April – 23rd
  • May – Labor Day (not laboracay HAHAHA!)
  • June – V A C A T I O N
  • July – Mom’s name day
  • Aug – Sam’s name day
The list will go on and those are just a few! So 2016 will be great and I’m owning it! I hope your 2016 will be great too!

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