My Top 3 Go-To Markers

My Top 3 Go-To Markers

This has been inspired by a thread in one of the online communities I’m a member of. I listed there my top 3 go-to markers here and hopefully, could tell you why.

My Go-To Markers

I have been practicing calligraphy for more than a year now. It will be my 2nd anniversary next year and coincidentally, falls in my birth month. Not so long ago, I decided to push this hobby once more on my name day. And, I’m so glad that I did! I’ve met many creative souls who share the same love as I do for letters.

You may read about my calligraphy journey here. Scroll up to the very first post and see the reasons why I pursued my love for letters.

Browsing the group or the community, I found a thread wherein you’d share your top 3 markers. I think the main reason for that thread is just to merely share what tools you use to help others as well. That community was pretty much smaller when I joined and now, blasted its membership with more than 10,000 individuals. Is it safe to say that many are really into the craft? Whether it may be their passion or just another hobbyist, it’s really growing!

So now, here’s the list of my top go-to markers.

ZIG Fudebiyori

Top 3 go-to markers

Photo from Google.

For the top spot, ZIG Fudebiyori owns it. This is the very first brush pen or felt tip pen that I used when I started with brush calligraphy. It is by ZIG Kuretake. It is sold at National Bookstore, Scribe Writing Essentials, Common Room PH and other online stores like Craft Carrot, The Craft Central and so much more.

My Go-To Markers

First few scribbles when I first tried ZIG Fudebiyori.

The reasons why this is one of my top markers are as follows:

  • The tips are not that easy to fray. It takes a while before it really frays, unlike some other pens.
  • This is good for beginners.
  • Very affordable at Php 65 (USD 1.31) per pen. Metallic ones are being sold at Php 115-120 per piece, (roughly USD 2).
  • It can be bought by set.
  • Currently, it is easy to find. Most online shops sell these.
  • It comes in various colors (either solid or metallic).
  • Very friendly to most papers. (e.g. vellum board, 80gsm paper, bond paper)
  • You can do ombre with these pens.
My Go-To Markers

All written with ZIG Fudebiyori.

Artline Brush Stix Markers

My Go-To Markers

Artline Brush Stix Markers

The second spot is dominated by the Artline Brush Stix Markers. This costs Php 37.50 each (USD 0.75). It also comes in packs of 4 and 20 (as far as I remember). Artline has other products which look like these lego markers but functions differently. They have coloring markers, drawing pens and mechanical pencils. All contain the same lego body but functions differently. Some have mistakenly bought the others thinking they got the brush markers.

Here are my reasons why it’s part of the list:

  • Incredibly cheap! Each costs Php 37.50 (per piece) so it’s within the budget.
  • It has various colors to choose from.
  • It’s being sold in packs too; which costs almost the same if you buy the same quantity individually.
  • It does not fray easily. It takes time before it does or it takes a lot of pressure.
  • You can play with it before and after you practice. You can use it to build a sword or anything you like. Why? Because it’s like a lego pen!
  • I have tried using it for ombre and it can really be mixed with another of its kind.
  • Using the right paper, it may produce that gradient effect as well!
My Go-To Markers

The I studies using Artline Brush Stix Markers.

For the third spot, it’s a tie between Platinum markers and Pilot Petit 3 fude pen. These two are the as the previous ones, it’s affordable and may be bought in leading bookstores such as National Bookstore. But first, let me start with the Pilot Petit 3.

Pilot Petit 3

My Go-To Markers

Pilot Petit 3 Fude Pens

Little brush pens that are quite easy to carry! Coming in eight (8) colors, it won’t be a hard time switching or carrying them in your purse. I have heard of these when I browsed through online communities. I stumbled upon one post using this and it got me curious. For such a tiny pen, it could he of use to help you practice almost anywhere. You won’t even have a hard time practicing the thin and thick strokes because the tip is of medium firmness. I got mine from the Manila International Book Fair last September. I’ve three (3) of its kind already and I just want to complete all colors! But first, I gotta save.

Sharing my reasons why it’s part of my list:

  • It costs less than Php 100 (USD 2) each.
  • Refills are being sold. Every pack contains 3 cartridges. It only costs less than Php 100 as well.
  • Very much easy to use especially if you want to practice thin and thick strokes; also with flourishes.
  • One of my favorites about this pen is that it’s so portable! It can almost fit anywhere.
  • This pen is present in bookstores and online stores like National Bookstore. Though I’m unsure as to which online stores sell this kind.


This is on my FILED Scribble Planner 2015. The other strokes are written with ZIG Fudebiyori.

Last but not the least, Platinum brush pens.

Platinum Brush Pens

My Go-To Markers

Scribbled this used Platinum brush pen.

This particular pen costs Php 39 (roughly USD 1) and it’s a great pen for practice. It will only fray if it has been used for quite some time and if it has been used with the wrong angle. I got mine from National Bookstore at Madison beside CSB. You may also buy it from Daiso stores.

There are other pens by Platinum like:

  • Platinum Signature (feels like the Pilot Petit 3 fude pen / Pentel fude touch)
  • Brush (with soft tip like ZIG Real Brush)
  • Medium tip which feels like the ZIG Cocoiro Letter Pen
  • Watercolor duo markers

What I like about these pens:

  • Affordable because you may buy one for Php 39 / Php 49 / Php 88 (if you buy from Daiso).
  • Super easy to use for practice and drills.
  • They have lots of colors to choose from.
  • It may be sold in packs too. I saw packs of 24 pens and 36 pens.
  • For the soft tips or soft brush, you may use it as a water brush in case the ink runs out.


So those are my top go-to markers! Four (4) are listed because the last two ones are tied at the number three (3) spot. I hope this helps!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All pens were bought using personal resources.


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  • Wishingbelle
    January 3, 2017 at 10:17 PM

    Very cute scribbles, Maria! I’m actually curious to know what pens are crafters using now coz I know someone who’s also into calligraphy. Artline is still there and I have tried to use it on my son’s artwork. It’s cheap and does not easily fray, like you said. I didn’t tried mixing it with other colors. Now that you mention it, I might do ombre next time. 🙂

  • Nathalie
    January 4, 2017 at 3:35 PM

    Very helpful! I only just started dabbling in [brush] calligraphy maybe a coupla weeks ago and I’m still trying to find out which brush pens would be best. Oh, and it’s really cool that you’re a leftie too. ^_^

  • Kcalpesh Ajugia
    January 15, 2017 at 6:04 PM

    Pretty impressive. Your calligraphy portfolio. I’m quite amazed this form of art. Glad to know that there are pretty neat tools available to pursue the art of calligraphy.

  • Mimi
    January 23, 2017 at 8:58 AM

    Thank you for this – I’d been looking for an informative guide on what pens to use in calligraphy. Currently using the ZIG Mangaka, which I love! I’m still starting out but I think I’ve made quite an improvement as well. 🙂 I NEED to haul these brush pens, too!!!

  • Me-An Clemente
    February 16, 2017 at 11:20 PM

    I don’t really do calligraphy. But it helps to know what markers to go for if ever decide to try it out. Out of the three, I’d definitely get the Artline Brush stix markers because it’s the cheapest one. It also being a lego pen piqued my interest. It’s easier to keep because I can just stack everything 🙂

  • mumwrites (@vixquips)
    March 19, 2017 at 2:17 PM

    Thank you for these recommendations. I have been thinking which brush pens to get that would be perfect for beginners like me. I will definitely get some of those Fudebeyori and Pilot brushpens. They sure are very economical and if their tips do not easily fray, then they definitely give more value to your money. I sure hope I can go to the bookstore very soon to get some of these! 😀

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