Get your hands on Groupon Goodies!

Groupon Goodies

Shopping for stuff is easy when you search thru Groupon! Various goodies are seen on the site that could be a nice gift to anyone!

Groupon Goodies

Looking for gift ideas is tough especially if the person has already received almost everything.  I’ve seen kids with more gadgets than I do. It’s really challenging what to give your nieces and/or nephews. I mean, I grew up in the era where playing outside was the trend. I’ve tried playing langit-lupa (literally translates to heaven-earth) then tumbang preso and so much more! I just wish there were more gift ideas that we could see.

Langit-lupa and tumbang preso are children’s games played in the Philippines. Langit-lupa is where the it is stuck on the lupa (literally means soil) and the players will stay at the langit (means heaven). The it needs to catch those people who are staying on the heavens whenever they transfer to another place. It’s somehow a modified of playing tag. Tumbang preso is a game where players would exchange turns in hitting a can by their slippers.

Groupon Goodies


I’ve searched through various online shops for gift ideas and then I found Groupon! I know that it’s been in the world wide web for so long but I just haven’t browsed it. Since my boyfriend’s birthday just passed, I’ve had a hard time thinking what sort of gift should I give. I thought of giving sandals or even football gear but since he’s frugal, spending for gifts was not the top choice.

What I love about Groupon

  • There are so many choices.
  • Discounts are almost everywhere!
  • Coupons! Who doesn’t love them?
  • It’s hassle-free! It’s an online shop that will ship the goodies straight to your doorstep. So fret not about the traffic or parking space.
  • You can access it through the app (from your mobile).

If you are still wondering about them, visit them!

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  • Reply
    November 19, 2017 at 6:20 PM

    I can totally relate to the challenge of finding the perfect gift for someone who can practically afford anything. Thus, I am starting my holiday shopping early. How I wish Groupon will be back here in the Philippines. They offer lots of good deals.

  • Reply
    berlin domingo
    October 14, 2016 at 8:44 AM

    What I love about Groupon? You could buy at a truly discounted price tag. Aside from the fact that there are indeed so many choices right in front of you. You need not dress up to shop. Yes, it is totally hassle free and ho just do not love receiving packages straight from your doorstep?

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