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 This summer, people may have a hard time finding the right thing and right way to be productive. People have different interests and some are just into the creative side. If you’re in the same side as I am (the creative side, I mean) then you might want to see this!
Being interested and passionate about the arts and crafts then craving for something new is not new. For a person like me who has been exposed to the arts as long as I can remember, but not with the visual type of art but with music, learning something new is like an adventure.
Official logo from their Facebook page

Up until I received a very wonderful news from FIDA Sewing & Arts School. Just on a random day of browsing my emails, I saw their email and it made my heart skip a beat! It was an invitation to their launching and open house. It has always been an honor to be invited to events like these because it makes me feel happy that people are really out there who share the same interests and endeavors as I do.

Open House Invitation

FIDA stands for Fashion Institute of Design and Arts and they have two schools which are located in Davao and Cebu. They offer short and long courses mostly about sewing and the practicals of fashion design. The longest program is for two (2) years while the short programs are workshops and other summer short classes.

FIDA Sewing & Arts School is located in Silang, Cavite. Their address is Unit 7, Standford Suites, South Boulevard, Silang Cavite. The open house event will be from April 14-16, 2016 and the soft opening event will be on April 16 from 10am to 4pm.

The basic classes offered:
  • Sewing 1
  • Draping 1
  • Pattern Making 1

What’s more interesting is that they have classes for kids as well! That would make it a productive summer for the kids as well.

Here’s what they have for the kids:
  • Hey Sew Sistah
  • Crafty Kiddies
Also, there will be workshops as well and here’s what offered for this month:
  • Calligraphy – which makes me more interested btw!
  • Couture Details
  • Knitting
  • Crochet

The person behind FIDA is none other than Christine Munda, she’s a mom of two daughters. She has a business degree and an advance fashion design course, she then decided to put up her own businesses in apparel, arts and crafts and interior design. She has also taught in UP, CSB and other international schools in design. Then, she became the academic director of SOFA-Manila. Her experiences and travels led her to founding of FIDA.

It’s never to late to start learning something because it’s always an adventure of a lifetime.

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Hope to see you there!

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  • Iza Abao
    November 5, 2016 at 9:02 AM

    I want to learn how to sew properly because I’d like to follow those nifty tutorials. I want to make my own wallet, blouse, shorts and so on. I know how to sew because I learned it from high school. Haha! I am sure that I can only sew a zipper into a garment. This is cool for the kids and adults. During summer, swimming and basketball lessons are the more popular ones for kids. I hope that a lot of kids would participate in this. It is a good skill to be able to learn how to sew. I won’t be able to attend in any of the short courses because I live here in Oriental Mindoro. There is a knitting class, cool! I would like to learn that. Maybe I’ll just find a YouTube tutorial.

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