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October 31, 2015

 Blogapalooza 2015: Seasons

This was my first Blogapalooza experience and it is truly a magnificent experience! The opportunities of knowing other bloggers that I have interacted with online or personally was really joyous!
This was held last October 25, 2015 in One Esplanade. I was with Sam since we still have an errand to finish afterwards, plus I want him to see the beauty of Blogapalooza.

Our name tags!
As we roamed the area, we saw the beautiful booths: Winter Boulevard, Spring Lane, Summer Street and Autumn Avenue. If it wasn’t for Sam, I wouldn’t have realized that.

Foodpanda PH
The foodpanda booth has really caught my attention at first since it was in the shape of a house with the enticing feature of a delivery. I personally have tried foodpanda and with the quickness of their deliveries and relays to the restaurants, I would really order from them a lot, of course, if I have enough money to purchase an order. Know more about them here

The Diff
Now, this is one of our faves from the event. From their booth (not shown in the photo), there are different cases, books and paraphernalia that were made by their artists. This was amazing for me since Sam is inclined to design and people these days are somehow underappreciate the efforts made by the artists. If you want to see more of their designs, here’s their site.

Snipe is a shopping app that lets you discover deals when you’re in the mall instantaneously! Their booth had a game that lets you fan out the leaves from the tree. I would want to try it out but sadly, we were on a tight sched. Get to know more about Snipe here!

At the Chips Delight PH booth
Their booth is one of my faves since they had that kid-friendly Christmas vibe which is really enticing to people and those like me who are a kid-at-heart. I have been loving their products since I was a kid and somehow to see their booth was a dream to the kid in me. I have been always fascinated with Hansel and Gretel (minus the witch part) that stepping in their booth made me feel like I was Gretel enjoying the treats there! After having a photo, I got that chance to take this one with me:

Chocolate Chip Brittle Brownie
I have been snacking on this since Sunday and I am really saving it since I personally don’t know when will I be able to visit the grocery to be able to buy snacks. It is really yummy and sweet so for a sweet tooth like me, this is one amazing product from Chips Delight!

Breakout PH
Ah, yes. This booth is Breakout PH, the one responsible for Slidefest / Outbreak Manila and many more. They have zombies lurking in the area which gave me some creeps when I first saw them. Sam even told me to have a photo which I gladly did. (Though he hasn’t sent me the photo yet, I’ll show you his paparazzi shot.)

The paparazzi shot
After seeing this, I just realized that he was really staring at me. Wondering if he will eat me when he had the chance or not?


UNICEF – This belongs to my fave booths as well since they are promoting Champions for Children. This campaign is to help the poorest, most vulnerable children in the Philippines and worldwide. As we might not know, children are supposed to be taken care of, fed, sent to school and basically live. Lately, there are children dying due to malnutrition and other health issues.

More details here.

The monthly donations can help in ways like:
From UNICEF site

This has been one of my most amazing experiences up to date! I got to try the mobile VR gear by I Am Cardboard. I got to choose between the fun one and the scary one. Honestly, it made me feel a bit dizzy after trying out the fun one although the scary one was really creepy especially if I got the chance to experience it alone without the other people around. Surely, I’ll be spooked for so long! You could see the other products here. I really will include this in my wish list because it could be a great stress reliever and a game for people.

Look up!
Honestly, if I was not preoccupied with other things, I might as well have stayed longer and participated in the other raffles or games of the other booths. We stopped over the booth of Gaming Library and I got to try out their games there.
Before I stepped up to try the game and the challenge
And those photos above were my turn to try. I was good at first but then little by little, I put some force and knocked down the game itself. So, long story short, I did not have a chance to win their prize but I had so much fun trying! Even Sam ended up laughing at me!
These were from Dr. Kong. I had to experience their expert diagnosis on what kind of foot I had. Glad to know that I still have a normal foot! After signing up, I was given a VIP card that gives discount to purchases made at their branches. What I liked about the card was I could lend it to my family if they would want to buy from Dr. Kong.
The photos shows how they check and assess the feet of the customers.
The booth of Ace Water Spa made me feel that Christmas is coming really fast! How I wish we could experience snow in this country!
Sorso Fruit Tea
The Caricature Artists
One of my fave booths as well. I got to try their Guava Fruit Tea and it was really yummy! It was sad that I did not have the chance to have a caricature image of my own. We tried falling in line but sad to say we didn’t make it since they’re going to have a break, by the time we got back to their booth, there were a lot of people in line already. ☹
Thank you for the wonderful experience, Blogapalooza! Hope to meet new people next time! ☺︎

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