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Favorite Fridays 8

This series won’t be born if not for Joy’s diligence in pushing me to create it. She keeps on telling me that she is loyal to this series and I really appreciate that, and also to the readers of this blog or this post. So Joy is the blogger behind Paperless Panda. If you ask why, go ask her.

Favorite Go-To Bag

As a part of today’s society, my mind was enlightened about the different kinds of bags. May it be a tote bag / shoulder bag / satchel / clutch bag or the trusty backpack. No wonder others are so enthusiastic about shopping, so they could have one of every kind that there is in the mall.

The lucky bag to have the title of the favorite go-to bag is none other than my trusted Jansport backpack which I had way back in college. Jansport has been really a popular brand because of its intricate designs and the durability of the bag. I used to carry books with my laptop and even though those were heavy, the bag did not give up on me.

That was around five (5) years ago. Imagine that! Other bags would have given up on me but this one, did not.

Before, to be honest, I was not very much familiar with those brands. Basically because I grew up in the province and those kinds of brands were practically not always present in the malls there or boutiques and online shops then were still in the not-to-be-trusted-yet stage. People were still uncomfortable with online shops and they’d always think that those are scams.

Since I was a frequent flyer before, going home and back to the city, I was a travel-light person. Traveling with only one bag or two hand-carry bags and I’m off! I would say it has been there and has been letting me fit almost all of my things in a single bag. And seriously, packing and girls don’t really mix that well just like oil and water. For other girls, when they travel, they are bringing their homes with them even if it’s just a short trip (like 2-3 days). Eventually, they’d complain because of the weight that they have to carry.

Also, Sam has used this bag when he needed it for retreat or football games and the like and he was really amazed by the durability of the bag. Well, he knew the brand longer than I did so it’s a plus also.

Reasons why I have this:
  • Durability – This is the number one reason. I have gone to places within the country with this bag for different occasions and it really was giving me its best especially in carrying my things from gadgets to books and the like.
  • Price – Not that expensive and not that cheap. The price is reasonable since the designs are really nice. Simple yet elegant. Also, it’s worth the buy. Buying one could probably last a lifetime!
  • Colors / Design – Very alluring to the eyes though some do not please me as much as the others did but most of the designs are very comfortable to look at. I saw some designs for La Sallians and most were simple yet such killers! I’ve always wanted to have one of those yet now, they are not on sale (I think).
  • Accessibility – Practically in every mall I’ve been to. You can find them in Bratpack, Travellers Club (not sure about the spelling), SM Store and the like.

Well, as I’ve mentioned, women own different kinds of bags. This is just one of those kinds that I have. Maybe next time, another type of bag from my faves will be featured here. ☺︎


So, what’s your go-to bag? ☺︎

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