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Favorite Fridays 22


People have different favorites when it comes to various stuff. This series was born through the efforts of Joy of Paperless Panda.

Favorite Fridays 22

Before, I wasn’t that very much fan of coffee or a drink with caffeine in it. It was when I stepped out of college and started pursuing something different made me learn how to drink coffee. As a person with ulcer and GERD issues, drinking caffeine is one hell of a challenge. The struggle is real whether or not to enjoy the happiness and sharpness that it brings.

It changed when I met my top favorites for coffee. It started with, Great Taste White:

Great Taste White

This is my go-to coffee and I always have stock with me in the house both here and in the province. Whenever I drink this, I feel like my body has been immune to its effects and therefore, I do not experience ulcer or GERD whenever I drink. But of course, everything must be in moderation so as not to experience anything.

After meeting or tasting Great Taste White, I encountered, Kopiko 78!




This coffee made a statement and it was quite different than others. This is the only one that made sleep around 10 in the morning and wake up 2-3 hours after and continue staying up late again. This product is just wow. At first, it’s like it doesn’t have any effect at all but soon, you’ll feel it especially if it’s in the wee hours. You may feel like sleepy but when you are on your bed, you just don’t fall asleep easily.

Lastly, during the days that I’m at The Office Project, I have drank their coffee for quite a while and the only thing that I feel is being buzzed and productive. No effect on the ulcer or GERD or whatsoever. I’m just that feeling that superwoman feeling that I could be productive in a short while. Their house coffee is by Rubic Coffee.

Read my post about The Office Project here.


Just smelling the coffee made so productive that I finished this post in less than an hour. The scent is so relaxing and soothing and really ignites the productivity. And what I’ve learned from the Rubric Coffee is that when you have brewed the beans, it’s better not to reuse them to brew another because the essence may not be as awesome as the first brew.


You may follow Rubric Coffee on their Facebook & Instagram accounts.
You may also check out The Office Project on their Facebook & Instagram accounts.

So, what’s your favorite way of staying awake or getting buzzed?

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    May 11, 2016 at 8:00 AM

    I have a hard time falling asleep so I avoid caffeine but I am very in tune with scents. I like to put essential oils on to help me get energy through a diffuser. I think like you said the scent helped you to be more productive and helped you on your way with the post. Glad you found something that doesn’t give you an ulcer – ouch!

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