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Favorite Fridays 12

This is a blog series born out of Joy’s perseverance to push me to blog about my favorite things. She blogs over at Paperless Panda and is very much supportive of my blogging saga.

Favorite Quote

Too many quotes have passed my mind, heart and soul yet there’s one that is very much close to my whole being. It has touched several aspects of my life and continues to inspire me ever since.

And it’s:

It has been a personal fave and it has been in my mind for years. Being struggling with peer pressure and being who you are never going away. It’s always there. The challenge almost anyone faces is how to be true to yourself without hurting others. Some may get annoyed at us for just being true to ourselves. Society is quite different nowadays. Social status is very much observed and practiced.

From my experience, I had a very versatile childhood since I’ve spent most of my childhood being protected by my aunts and my mom. Playtime then had always been limited to a number of hours or minutes so I did not have that much friends at all. Learned to be on my own and be independent in a way yet that changed when the years went by. I’ve been gained friends and acquaintances and widened my network.

I got to know my real self, my quixotic self. I have always wanted to have fun and at the same to be serious with life. I would never have known my real self up until I grew up. My life has been turning out to be great. Sometimes, one must conquer those negativities before you get some good news. Being true to yourself can never be robbed from you because only you can rob yourself of that. You are the one robbing yourself if you continue to pretend someone you are not; you are making yourself unhappy unless your happiness is being untrue to the whole world, friends & family and yourself.


Never be afraid to be your own self. It’s one of the best feelings in the world anyone could feel!

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