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Favorite Fridays 20

This is quite the achievement post for me since I have been posting 20 entries for this blog series called Favorite Fridays! I just hope that you are not still bored with me. This is post is under my favorite make-up items genre.


This is about the MeNow Kissproof #3. It is one of my favorite shades from this brand and little as people know, it is the so-called Mac dupe. I first heard of this brand or this product from Sab of The Sab Stuff. From that, it opened new doors for me like exploring the various shades I could get from this line and how will it affect my kikay life.



Then she told me that I could buy one from Beauty MNL which is an online shop that you could visit here. The shop has diverse products ranging from the ones you can normally see in malls and others that are really, really way beyond local malls’ league. If you buy from Beauty MNL, it would cost Php 149 per piece and that does not include the shipping fee yet. It’s better to buy by the bulk and if you have a total of Php 2000 they will have it free shipping to your door!



There’s the tiny swatch I made on my right wrist while working at TOP. It’s just that I get inspired to update my blog whenever I’m there. It’s like the place makes me oh-so-creative-and-studious at the same time! But in truth, there will be the slow moments where you just want to chill and think about vacation.

Others say that it’s also a dupe of the popular Kylie lip kits but I am not quite sure about that. I just saw some people comment that. Yet, the shade is really so alluring to the eyes especially if you have the cat-eye on.

From my experience of using this I could say that:
  • It’s kiss-proof really and does not wear off easily EXCEPT when you eat greasy food! That’s the only weakness that I have encountered when using it.
  • It’s is really affordable! When you go to various bazaars and there are make-up shops there, these would go for as low as Php 99 per piece (for all the shades) and still better than to have it shipped to your doorstep!
  • It is not retractable. From experience, I really thought at first that it was retractable since I had one that looks like it and is retractable but I was wrong! You have to sharpen it to get the good stuff coming. For the sharpener, Beauty MNL now gives a free one if you order two products. For other online shops, they’d give a free one if you buy at least two or three (2-3) as far as I remember. Since it’s like a jumbo pencil, you might need a bigger sharpener for it.
  • In order to achieve the shade you want, you may need to apply it twice or thrice.
  • At first, I was scared of using it again (after the first time I tried) because my lips got dry and cracked and powdery but then I realized that it was meant to be that way. If you are scared of that, you may apply petroleum jelly after applying it. It may defeat the purpose of matte but you will not be that scared of having cracked lips.
  • Very affordable
  • Truly a matte lipstick
  • Kiss-proof until you eat greasy food
  • May be hard to remove without make-up remover
  • May cause cracked lips on the way if not applied properly (or if the lips are really dry beforehand, make sure to rehydrate)
Surely, I will share something else about another favorite some other time and maybe it’s from MeNow so let’s stay tuned, I hope!

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    June 28, 2016 at 5:58 PM

    Recently got myself a Kiss Me Proof lippie. I love it! It stays on much longer than other lipsticks.

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