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Favorite Fridays 2

Here’s my second entry for this series called Favorite Fridays. As you all know, I was inspired to do this by Joy, who suggested that I should do reviews of the things that I use but thinking of it, that could probably come soon. How I wish I had all the time in the world.

Coloring Materials

Just a backgrounder on the photo above, it consists of things that are really close to my heart in the weirdest possible way.

  • The case was designed by Sam even if it was for my old phone. I still kept it. I’m that sentimental.
  • The fountain pen was given by Sam on our anniversary and it’s essential for a student like me.
  • Lifesaver watch, we bought that when we were in the mall with mom and tita and part of the proceeds would be donated to patients (I forgot exactly but it was the lovehopefaith¬†group)
  • A Clash of Kings – Still stuck at halfway because of school and it’s close to my heart because I love how it was written, the series although I haven’t read the others.
  • Tarot cards, I read them and I love it!
  • Calligraphy stuff from the new hobby!

For today’s entry, I’d be telling you about some of my favorite coloring materials!

Stabilo Fine Liners 0.4


Dong-A P&T Water-based Inks Fineliner 0.4

These two brands never fail to satisfy my needs when it comes to liners. I like Stabilo because it does not blot or bleed in some papers. With the Dong-A, sometimes it blots. That also depends on the paper and how heavy your strokes have been. Though Stabilo offers more colors than Dong-A, these two are still very much included in my preferences.

The colors I have

Not only that they serve as coloring materials but I also use them for studying. To what purpose? Only one purpose and that is to:

Highlight texts and important stuff!

See what I did there? I tried to highlight some texts. HAHAHA! Oh well, moving forward, both has great grips that surely won’t leave your fingers while coloring / highlighting.

Look at the colors
 Just some confessions:
  • When those Stabilo pens were bought, they were bought individually so it would cost Php 30 each. But when you buy it by the pack, the cost would depend on the quantity. I inquired once about the set and the last I know, it will cost around Php 600-700. I just opted to buy the individual colors since I’m sure I’d use them and not just dry up in the corner because they weren’t used.
  • Some of the pens from Dong-A had a darker shade than those Stabilo ones. The set of 10 colors cost around Php 200-250. Hence, cheaper than the Stabilo pens.
  • The paper affects everything!
  • All these were bought from National Bookstore (the one beside main bldg of CSB)
  • I really bought these when I got a doodle planner from FILED. I was really happy about coloring the doodles on the pages and creating some of my own.



I would really wish that I had more of those since I really love scribbling or doodling (even though I don’t have such great talent for that) and for highlighting as well. Colors help me remember things especially during exams! I’d just remember the color associated with it then my brain somehow chooses the info connected with the color and boom. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. How I wish my brain could be expandable just like a laptop with an external hard drive. Oh well. Life’s unfair.

That’s it for now. More Fridays to come, so more entries to go.

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