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Favorite Fridays 10

This series was born through the never-ending effort of Joy who blogs at Paperless Panda. She continues to support and compliment me with my posts and ramblings here. I also keep on pushing her to create her own series.

Favorite Top

This week’s post will be about my favorite top and it’s going to be quite hard for me since my cabinet holds too many tops from diverse colors. Yet, my favorite top would be just a plain white tee or a plain black tee. Either of the two. They are of equal ranks in this category.


Anything white or black tee attracts my eyes and my body. Living in the metro has taught me to have those kinds of tops since weather here can be very humid or very cool and frequent change of tops never goes away. Going to school for my tertiary education opened my eyes more to creating outfits (like ootd’s and ootn’s) that would not irritate my eyes or make me feel uncomfortable.

Before, my go-to ootd for school would be:

  • shirt (v-neck or scoop neck or round neck)
  • pants (jeans or leggings or jeggings)
  • shoes (flats or sneakers or any kind of slip-on)

Truly, that’s how lazy I was in picking clothes to school. I also tried dolling up but that only comes once in a blue moon and during Xtraordinary Mondays or defense day/s or in classes which professors would require a dress code. That was way back in college.

Some were donated by my mom

Nevertheless, Pinoy as I am, I had tried sneaking in the college wearing shorts. Why? It was because the weather too damn hot and I only went to school to submit our thesis for archiving! My peers would be asking me, how did I manage to get inside the school. It was really kind of an embarrassing moment because when I was about to get the books we had ordered to be book bound, I had a Marilyn Monroe incident (the one wherein she was wearing her sultry white dress and skirt got flown away). Yes, that occurred when I was about to cross the street. Luckily, I was wearing a cycling shorts!

After claiming the orders and reaching school, I immediately changed to the shorts I had previously packed and continued. I’m not that tall so wearing shorts would not be really an issue especially if you have a long top!

Call me OC?

Trivia: Whenever I’m stressed about anything and everything under the sun, I would rearrange my room or my closet or shoes or even clean my whole room.

Trivia: I also like DIY things

Last time, I changed the arrangement of my closet according to color. I fixed and sorted it according to intensity and number or color:

  • Black
  • White
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Bluegreen
  • Green
  • Violet

Then the extra space would be dedicated for the other colored clothings and dresses that may be multi-colored and cannot be classified. Photos above are the proof that I am somehow with OCD. Well, I have searched the mighty internet and found this. It shows some signs and/or symptoms that one has Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. There’s only one person whom I know that possesses all these, and that’s Sheldon Cooper of the The Big Bang Theory!


Also, my belts have been arranged accordingly and my fave one is the black one with the heart. Downside is, sometimes it does not fit the pants because of its width but the buckle is just so pretty and amazing!

So I guess that’s it for this post.


What’s your fave top/s? ☺︎

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