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Favorite Fridays 5

This is the fifth post for the series called Favorite Fridays. The reason behind the series was because of my dear friend, Joy, who blogs over at Paperless Panda. She pushed me to start this series on this blog. So far, the series is doing great and I am having so much fun sharing my favorites.

Favorite Eyeliner

It’s from IN2IT which was bought from Zalora PH and is also available in Lazada PH. (If you want to shop there with a discount, check this.)

IN2IT Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

Lo and behold! My favorite eyeliner from IN2IT. To be honest, it is really a good brand of cosmetics because they give the best to their customers.

What I liked best about this eyeliner pen is that it’s very easy to use! (Real talk) When I use it, it just feels like I’m using a pen trying to draw a line on my eyelid.

Closer look on its name
Here are other features that I liked:
  • Very slim
  • Very portable
  • It’s pointed fibre tip for fine eye lines.
  • Its shade is called: PF 01 very black which I personally and truly like.
Look at the tip

This one is mine so it’s obvious that the tip is already used but it’s not exploded. Personally, I do not put on make-up that much, I just wear my go-to lipstick [x] and this eyeliner and I’m good. But when this item arrived (I ordered it because I wanted to try IN2IT and my old eyeliner was running out.) I was really surprised when I got to try it.

Here’s how I looked when I tried it:

When I tried it

I tried doing a cat-eye but here’s what I achieved so far. It may not be the best cat-eye out there, but it’s something. And honestly, I just feel good when I see it that way. Feels so perf!

Why you should buy one:
  • It’s not that expensive.
  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof
  • It dries up pretty quick!
  • Could be part of your go-to makeup as well.
Here’s how the packaging looks like:

So have your own IN2IT eyeliner pen now! ☺︎

P.S. Packaging photos are from Lazada PH


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