Dear Diary

Dear Diary: Adios 2015

This week is the 52nd week of 2015 and it’s time to say goodbye to a year filled with wonder, adventures, and misadventures. This year has been a roller coaster since there were some ups and downs but what matters the most is to gain knowledge and wisdom from the downs that were encountered.

Adios 2015!

This last days of December 2015 have been very busy since I was helping with cooking and preparing (and watched Star Wars and stayed at home after) for the New Year since it has been a tradition that we host the lunch for the first day of the year! Relatives, friends and colleagues are invited to join us in this wonderful event!

When I learned how to cook and bake, my mother assigned some tasks for me and I personally liked that. It would lessen her load for the festivities. For 2016, I volunteered for desserts, pasta dishes and drinks. I also was the one who picked the food for the menu for the lunch. We opted to have some food catered and the others, cooked here at our home. For the past few days, mom has been requesting that I should cook some pasta so I made spaghetti in red sauce and tuna carbonara. It feels great to have cooked for them since almost all my life, they were the ones cooking the food. It may seem to be a tiring task but it sure is fun!

2015 has taught me quite a number of things. From pursuing a dream to surviving a hard term (or semester) to realizing that there are those not worthy of your kindness.

Experiencing failure is inevitable yet we must strive to pick up ourselves and keep on moving forward. 

This has been one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned this year. No matter how many times you fall, remember to stand up and continue fighting no matter what. Yet sometimes, we need to also think if it’s worth fighting for. Even though others may hurt us, the family is still always there to support and guide you; and accept the whole of you. I was once afraid of being a disappointment that I’ve been conquering that fear.

On Blogging

Blogging has been more active in my life this second half of 2015 and I’m very grateful to have met wonderful bloggers out there. I’ve been reading blogs since 2009 and it’s really great to know that there are others who also feel the way you do. Meeting them and interacting with them is a blessing! To be part of a giveaway is also another first for me this year. Thank you to Eleigh of Whatever Babe for making that possible and to Jeini of Ajeinomoto for telling me about it as well! It (Blogging) has shown me a number of doors and windows that deemed to be impossible at first yet in the end, it was not impossible nor improbable at all. But, to my readers/followers/passers-by, thank you for showing this blog some love or hate. Doesn’t matter whether you get bored or not, thank you!

This year’s remarkable moments:
  • Turned 22! Bolder, braver, stronger!
  • Maika had given birth twice this year! Yoda is one of her pups!
  • I have tried being an online English tutor (and it’s not that easy).
  • Blogging has been a tool to help me in various aspects. (e.g. intellectual, emotional, career-wise)
  • I have made new blogger friends and wishing to meet more bloggers!
  • In connection with the previous item, I have met them through wonderful events. AND I’ve participated in a giveaway with other amazing bloggers!
  • I have been part of Type Kita 3 as a volunteer and it’s the most wonderful thing that happened this December! (Here’s my post about it.)
  • This year marked my sophomore year in my post-grad studies and it’s harder but still surviving!
  • I’ve become stronger and to fight for what I know is right.
The list will go on if I will not put an end to it. No matter how good are the things listed there may be, there’ll be always the negative things and those are inevitable. I’ve lost some then I gained some. 2016 is something to look forward to.

I’ve never been grateful to learn so much from 2015. Thank you for 2015 for allowing me to meet wonderful people in my life. I’ve learned to let go of those who aren’t worthy yet let those who are worthy to stay.

Another year, another adventure (or misadventure) but it’s our own will that we are strolling down this path.


Why do I look forward to 2016?

  • New year, new adventures.
  • Excited for some move!
  • More time to study!
  • Hoping for more opportunities to come our way too! (Yes, thank you for the love!)
  • I personally hope that I could blog more.
Thank you 2015 for the quixotic adventure you gave me (in every aspect of my life)! It’s time to go so it’s time to immortalize you through photos and videos stored in my albums and/or hard drive. You may fade away yet never forgotten. I hope you guys and girls had a blast this 2015!

Cheers to 2016!

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