Creative Prompts and Ideas #2

Creative Ideas to keep you creating

After the first creative prompts post, are you ready for another one? I hope you’d still continue making. Here’s some creative ideas that could help!

Creative Ideas and Prompts to Keep You Creating

Just after the first post, I got inspired and motivated to do another post that would give you creative ideas. My aim is to stop the creative block you may have been experiencing now. I wish that everyone who is a maker or a creative entrepreneur to never stop creating. You have always been a source of inspiration for us, aspirants. It may be a saddening event if you would undergo those phase.

For the second wave of these creative prompts, it’s now related to food!

Are you now ready to know these ideas?

#1 Favorite drink

Soda, wine or shake, you name it! Feel free to illustrate, write or paint it. It’s all up to you.

But remember how you feel whenever you will take a sip from your drink. Or even the process on how you obtain your fave drink. Whether you still do it from scratch or just order it from some store.

Don’t you feel like a child rushing to get your order and behave like an adult because you got what you’ve always wanted?

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#2 Favorite fast food chain

So far, another tricky prompt that would actually challenge you to think.

Mine would always be Jollibee! It’s the best fast food chain that there is. I just love their chicken and burger gravy. You could match it with their fries!

What is that fast food chain that left a mark on your hearts? Go and illustrate or letter it!

#3 Memorable childhood memory in a fast food chain

I actually do not know why I put this here. Maybe just something to add as a filler?

But when you come to think of it, here is where you could draw your favorite food ever since you were a child. Or a playground thing inside that fast food chain.

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#4 Favorite pasta

A question that most of us could not answer quickly. There’s so many kinds of pasta all over the world.

Here in our little country, I’m guessing that what we call pancit can be considered as a pasta dish. It has noodles also. But, I am also doubting since it may have been an influence from the Chinese.

Nevertheless, it could be pesto, fettucine alfredo and spaghetti!

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#5 Favorite ice cream flavor

My forever answer would be chocolate!

This is the usual comfort food we eat whenever we want to feel good. I’m just going to leave it there because I have nothing else to say that could possibly add to this. Ice cream is ice cream.


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So that’s it for this week’s creative prompt!

Hope you’ll have fun doodling or scribbling with these on your mind!

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    October 20, 2017 at 9:43 PM

    These are great prompt suggestions! I love the idea of writing about pasta and ice cream. I’d have a lot to share about these topics! It helps to jot down idea and let them evolve.

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