3 Unique Ways on How to Create and Share this Christmas

Last Monday (November 18, 2019), I went to Movie Stars Cafe in Quezon City to attend an event by one of the brands that I love. Asus held an event in time for the holidays and their message was how to create and share this Christmas. Truly, they strive to give back to their loyal customers. What’s different this year is that they partnered with another of my favorite camera brands! Do you have a brand in mind?

ASUS Philippines officially launched its annual SHARE 2019 Campaign, with the tagline #CreateToShare, which highlights the company’s new strategy of introducing its latest series of ASUS laptops for the Content Creator market.

Asus x Instax

For this year’s Christmas campaign, ASUS Philippines partners with one of the industry’s best photography and imaging brand, Fujifilm Philippines. Starting November 18, 2019 buyers of select ASUS laptops in all ASUS Concept Stores nationwide and via the official ASUS Philippines E-store ( can finally cross off from their Christmas lists the very handy and stylish Fujifilm Instax cameras, which come free for every purchase of participating ASUS laptop models.

Personally, everything I saw there enticed me and I wished that I had all the money so I can buy even just one of the bundles! I was crushing hard on one of their laptops. It’s called the Asus Zenbook Pro Duo which has a touch-screen just about the keyboard and also the usual laptop screen. Forgive me for not sharing the technical terms. When I tried the Zenbook Pro Duo, it gave me one of the best feelings as I wrote on its touch screen which resembled a graphics tablet too. I really thought of it as a perfect gift for Sam as he’s creative too.

Asus Create and Share this Christmas
Just look at this beauty!

Since I was with Prez last Monday, we both tried it! It got us really excited about the convenience of the screen as well as the prestige that it gives. Content creators and designers will be able to work with ease when they use this laptop.

“ASUS is passionate about technology and driven by innovation to deliver the incredible for consumers everywhere. That is why this year we are delighted to launch our SHARE 2019 Campaign by giving our customers the best innovative laptops with Fujifilm’s line up of Instax cameras. This partnership is a perfect way to create and share incredible memories for every Filipino, making this our biggest Christmas campaign yet.”

ASUS Philippines Country Manager, George Su.
One of the takeaways that struck me from his remarks.

So moving forward, I’ll be sharing you three (3) unique ways on how you can create and share this Christmas. As the leaders of Asus and Fujifilm shared their minds, it gave me so many ideas on how to make this Christmas memorable.

Asus x Fujifilm Philippines

“INSTAX is a very unique brand because it is the only photography device that values the act of giving rather than taking. This partnership came about at the perfect time as we launch our new campaign: Don’t just take, give. Needless to say, Fujifilm Philippines is very happy to partner up with a company who shares the same drive as we do.”

Fujifilm Philippines President, Ryo Nagaoka

3 Ways on How to Create and Share this Christmas

Spending Christmas in the Philippines means that you travel back to your respective provinces or travel somewhere with your loved ones. Traditionally, we spend our holidays with our families and loved ones. We strive to make it very memorable by capturing moments and snippets of the different events that happen. Usually, we bring out our cameras, smartphones, video cameras, and even our Instax cameras to document everything. We feel that when we take these photos, we are immortalizing that specific moment in history. When we upload it on our social profiles, it is there for eternity.

Now, with the partnership that Asus and Fujifilm forged, they created different options on how you can make Christmas memorable. Here’s how.

#1 Asus X / Vivobook Series x Instax Mini 9

My photo sucks because I seated far from the stage.

As a digital nomad, my laptop is my best friend at work. Without it, I cannot accomplish anything. I fail to do what I do. It forms a vital part of every freelancer’s life. Well now, even corporate employees need their own laptops in case they need to do their work at home.

With the partnership between Asus and Fujifilm, they created this package wherein you will receive an Instax Mini 9 when you purchase an Asus X / Vivobook laptop. Plus, you get a Neurus bag!

So, if your child, sibling, or partner works heavily with a laptop and likes to capture moments, this is one of the best gifts for the holiday season!

#2 Asus Zenbook series x Instax SQ6

Blurry photo cause I’m away

Now, what story to tell this time? Throughout my freelancing years, I’ve used different laptops and cameras. What I love about the Instax cameras, you create memories. The printed photos serve as gifts or tokens of the memories that you have and spent with the person. If you ask me, it’s a gift that becomes hard to throw away. It gives that sentimental feeling and ignites you to create a special nook for all the photos that you keep or receive.

Now, the Instax SQ6 transforms the typical experience that we have on Instax. Its photos come in squares which if it would be done digitally, it’s always ready for Instagram. What’s great about Instax photos is that you can give it to someone special as a memento, card, or even it serves as a bookmark! Promise, I’m guilty of the last one! 😉

If you decide to buy an Asus Zenbook laptop, you’ll get an Instax SQ6 and a laptop sleeve! Now, isn’t that just lovely?

#3 Asus Zenbook Pro series x Instax LiPlay

The holy grail of the Asus x Instax

As I mentioned earlier, I fell in love with the Asus Zenbook Pro when I first saw it! Among all the laptops exhibited in the place, this immensely captured my heart. To you, you might think of it as love at first sight. The Zenbook Pro allows more creativity for anyone who will use it. My favorite feature of this laptop is the secondary screen they placed above the keyboard. Moreover, it’s a touch screen and comes with a stylus. Hence, allowing its users to scribble and illustrate freely. In other words, they combined a graphic tablet ad laptop in one. So, you bring one less gadget when you work wherever you please.

Purchasing the laptop entitles you to get an Instax LiPlay and the Asus Nereus bag. The Instax LiPlay is the newest Instax camera out there. One of my fave features of this camera is that you can review the photo before you print it! Hence, if in case someone prematurely pressed the shutter, you can always do a retake, unlike the other Instax cameras.

Before, I exalted with dismay when we asked for someone to take a photo of us through my Instax (mini 8) camera. The lady pressed the shutter button prematurely hence, captured us very, very candidly. The photo did not turn out great so we had to retake. Thing is, I only had two (2) shots left behind and one was a fail. So we had to prepare for the last one!

Now, with the review feature of the LiPlay, no more very candid shots or mid-air poses. Not only that but this camera prints photos from your smartphones too. If you want the full feature list, you can check it here.

Where to get yours?

The Share 2019 Christmas Promotion is open to all end-users who purchase selected ASUS Notebooks at participating ROG Concept Stores, ASUS Concept Stores from November 18 to December 31, 2019. You can see the price list here.

Participating stores:

ASUS STOREAyala Malls Cebu
ASUS STORECentrio Ayala Mall
ASUS/ZENFONE STOREFestival Supermall Alabang
ASUS STOREKCC Mall De Zamboanga
ASUS STORERobinsons Manila
ASUS STORERobinsons Tacloban
ASUS STORESM CDO Downtown Premier
ASUS STORESM Center Dagupan
ASUS STORESM Center Tuguegarao Downtown
ASUS STORESM City Batangas
ASUS STORESM City Cabanatuan
ASUS STORESM City Fairview
ASUS STORESM City Marikina
ASUS STORESM City North Edsa
ASUS STORESM City Puerto Princesa
ASUS STORESM City San Jose Del Monte
ASUS STORESM City Telabastagan
ASUS STORESM Lanang Premier
ASUS STOREASUS Philippines Online Store
ASUS STORESM Southmall Las Pinas

For full mechanics and how to claim your bundled item/s, visit the official Share 2019 microsite at

Last but not least!

Thank you for the Gudetama!
Photo with Darth Vader
Prez with Darth Vader
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So what are you waiting for? Don’t forget to create and share this Christmas!

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