Christmas Wishlist 2014

So, since Christmas is almost here, I have decided to write about the things I’d be glad to receive on Christmas Day. These are some of the things that would make my materialistic side, kinda happy. But still, I’d prefer the quaint style of giving gifts. I’d still choose those cards with handwritten memoirs that will surely make you laugh and giggle while reading and reminiscing those memories you have with the person. Secondly, photographed memories that are hung on the wall or printed out with written memos on it.

For starters, I will start my list with an item from Hokkoh Shop. It is a mustache spoon and a mustache pen. Should you wish to give me one you’ll have to wait since they are still out of stock of that item (as far as I have inquired with them). You might notice that I am obsessed with mustaches. I am not, actually. I am just amused with them.

The first image is for the spoon and the second one is for the pens. Such cute objects. Aren’t they? 

Next would be a little more techy since it is an iPad Air 2. It was somehow impulsive of me to buy an iPad Air without knowing or gathering bits of information if Apple will release a new product and indeed they have! Just a week after I bought my tab, then they released the iPad Air 2. So I was really saddened by the fact that I was just impatient and impulsive to buy it. I even thought of selling it just to be able to buy the newer one. However, my mom told me not to but I am still enticed by the idea. So are there any takers? Haha!

Photo credits: Kimstore

Just an additional bit of information, I bought my tab from an online shop. Even if it was my first buying it from them, I really am glad that they were not bogus. They were really legit and selling various products for a low price. Lower than those in the malls! Just visit the link below the photo to see for yourselves!

After a tablet, I would list down a battery for my laptop since the battery included has stopped performing at its best. To see more details of this product, click this.

Photo from Lazada PH

Next item on my wish list would be a stable internet connection for me to use in Manila since the pocket wifi I have, connects poorly and signal is quite weak. I am no longer longing for a pocket wifi since the cellular data on my phone could do as a hotspot. 

Any of these would do:

 Since I have insights about pursuing having part time work and still studying, I may need that kind of internet connection since some require fast internet connection.

Next would be an item that would be really helpful when it comes to studying. It is a book stand! I would want someone to design and create one for me but since it’s hard to request something from a busy person. I would just have to patiently wait until that someone has got time for it. For the book stand, I want it to be:

  • Blue – not the dark, the light blue will do
  • Ergonomic / Portable – since I may be studying at different places so it must be easy to carry
  • Not too expensive since I have seen various book stands at different bookstores yet these do not fit my needs and also my expectations in terms of performance and durability.
Photo credits: Ecosia Search

The sample may not fit my demands or requirements but it could definitely show you what I want to receive. HAHA

Next would be a book shelf or a desk that has a shelf compartment (as if that is possible commercially)!  Since I have books with me in Manila, they do need to be kept in one place as well not in various storage boxes or even racks that could possibly cause damage to these wonderful treasure.

Photo credits: Google

However, something like this would really make me happy!

I have searched for an item like this already way back. I only saw one in Lazada PH however, it is out stock already. 😭

Just a warning, next items on my wish list may be peculiar in a way so just hang on and this post will soon be finished! ✌

Next item: Fujifilm Instax SP-1 Share Smartphone Printer 

Though the item is really expensive, it is really usable. I mean by that, when you are a person of sentiment which would like to cherish moments forever and not just save photos digitally but also through photo albums or in my case, a memory lane (which I just started doing this past few months and of course, it is in Manila).

Photo from Lazada PH

You could see the item here. It is from Lazada PH. There are also other online shops on Instagram that are selling this. 😉

Next item: Belkin Slim Style Keyboard Folio Case (Black) 

Photo credits: Lazada PH

Again, this is somehow a techie part of me wishing that I could have my tablet be a mini laptop or so. However, imagining it with this case, my somehow wish would be true. Nevertheless, it is pricey so I might just leave it there as part of my wish list.

To see the item, click this.

Next item: Acer ZC-606 19.5″ Quad Core J1900 4GB 500GB Win 8.1 Non-Touch AIO Desktop PC (Black)

Photo credits: Lazada PH

 So this is the next item on my wish list that again is a pricey one. I don’t know why I really like this. Well, maybe because of its specs or it’s just that I am amazed by how sleek it looks and would function as well.

To know more about this item, click this.

Next item would be: JK 800W Power Vacuum Cleaner (Silver)

Photo credits: Lazada PH
So, here’s the next item which would help me a lot in maintaining the cleanliness of my room in Manila since we do not have a house help there. Sweeping may cause a lot of effort and it may also cause my allergies to attack, particularly my allergic rhinitis and also my allergy to dust since I have a history with asthma.

So to know more about the item, click this.

There goes my wish list that needs to be fulfilled somehow and maybe, it is a sign for me to really save up in order to accomplish and buy these items. Buying items maybe easy for some yet for others it maybe too hard for them since they need to prioritize their needs as well. Weighing your needs and wants maybe a tough choice to make since you also have to think of your basic necessities. However, creating a wish list may just be the right motivation for some!

Anyway, to those who have seen or read this, let me know if you will be a Santa for me! HAHAHA Just kidding! 😂

Let’s all have a very merry and happy Christmas! Cheers! ❤

‘Til then! 💋

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    October 26, 2016 at 9:13 PM

    I never know what to ask for Xmas. Usually I have it all and I just don’t know. That why I love to peek into other peoples Christmas Wishlists. This one for 2014 is maybe a bit older, but still inspiring! One thing, change the computer for a MacBook 😉


    xo Sabine

    • Reply
      October 27, 2016 at 10:16 PM

      Actually, My MacBook, which I call Macy, has just turned 1 this year! And honestly, I won’t go back to Windows. Hahaha!

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