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7 Things I Learned From A Relationship of 7 Years

February 11, 2019

Being in a relationship for 7 years brings a lot of ups and downs that make us stronger and more mature. Now, frankly, this marks the first time that I share something deep and legit from the heart. Bear with me if this goes more dramatic than expected. Hope you enjoy this one!…

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Life Lately ST

Semana Santa 2017

Semana Santa 2017 has been a great one since I was able to bring Sam to our dear province. Here I’ll share our adventures during Semana Santa.…

April 27, 2017

The Six Year Itch

The Six-Year Itch is about a new adventure we took during our anniversary. Being together for six years surely taught us so many! Here’s how it went.…

March 29, 2017
Life Lately ST

Lovestruck March

This Life Lately post is about how lovestruck March can be for me. This is the time that I will write something more personal than the other Dear Diary or Life Lately post. This is going to be from the heart.…

March 19, 2017
Favorite Fridays ST

Favorite Fridays 21

This series will not be born if not for the thorough efforts of Joy of Paperless Panda. She motivated me to post about my favorites every week. Even though I may have some unannounced hiatus due to some reasons, I still make it to…

April 8, 2016
Art ST

Art Fair Philippines 2016

Just this February 20, we went on another art related adventure and that is: Art Fair Philippines 2016! It is at The Link carpark (5/6/7th floors). Though be warned that the exhibits are mainly located at the 6th and 7th floors while the 5th…

February 24, 2016
Art ST

S collabs with T

This will be about the moment wherein Sam and I did a collab work. There were two works and both were for his drawing challenge. This will also be my entry for this week’s Calli Thursdays. Enjoy!…

February 4, 2016

Relationship Goals

What is a relationship goal? What does it take to have a relationship goal? Is it just bandwagoning to post something about relationship goals? This is just merely pouring out my thoughts on the so-called relationship goals.…

October 19, 2015
Art Places ST

NA Long Weekend

Β  Spending a long weekend with your family is one of the best things in life!…

August 24, 2015