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How To Be Fashionable When You Work At Home?

September 24, 2019

Working from home gives a lot of benefits especially to someone who got tired of the stressful commute. Commuting in the Philippines always challenges a lot of people due to poorly maintained public transportation vehicles. A number of people go to work using their cars however, the majority fails to follow certain traffic rules and regulations. Other drivers just go their way and become selfish bastards on the road. Working from home means escaping the cruel world of commuting. However,…

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Tips on How to Wear & Accessorise A Red Prom Dress

Tips On How To Wear & Accessorise A Red Prom Dress

If you are soon to be attending the prom and have decided on a red dress for the occasion, your choice of accessories will either make or break the look you are trying to create. Of course, choosing the dress is a challenge all…

January 23, 2019
Bohemian Fashion
Fashion Lifestyle

Bohemian Fashion: The Return of Flared Jeans

Last year was all about the high-rise, vintage-inspired, cropped at the ankles and curve-hugging denims. Yes, the one that your mom probably used to wear in the 90s. It’s precisely why it got the nickname Mom Jeans. This year, Vogue bid adieux to this…

November 13, 2018

A Princess For A Day

Elegance has never escaped a woman’s mind especially in attending events like weddings, proms and even cocktails. Dressing to kill has been a motto for ages and no one wants to feel underdressed in going to those events.Even as a kid, girls would dream…

December 30, 2015