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Love for Letters

This is an upcoming workshop by Noni Devora wherein she’ll profess her love for letters. She’s a fellow leftie, Agnesian and Bicolana who’s also passionate about letters.…

July 27, 2016

The Write Cut

Learn the basic of Gothic calligraphy and paper cutting with Paolo Tugano and Wednesday Sambile.…

May 25, 2016
The TOP Diaries Workshops

TOP Monthly: April

Out of the blue, this series was promulgated in the mind of a young lady who possesses an old soul. The young lady loves to stay at place where creativity and productivity is flourishing. One day, she discovered a lovely place called The Office…

May 10, 2016

Get Creative with FIDA

ย This summer, people may have a hard time finding the right thing and right way to be productive. People have different interests and some are just into the creative side. If you’re in the same side as I am (the creative side, I mean)…

April 11, 2016

ThingamabobsPH: Summer Art Workshops

This Saturday, an upcoming event at The Office Project PH will happen! Get creative this summer and start by having workshops that would boost your creative side.…

March 30, 2016