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How to Beat the Creative Demotivation?

January 26, 2020

With a lot of things going on, people miss some things that they love to do. In my case, with all the things going on, my creative side suffered a lot. Quite honestly, the only creative thing I do these days, the work that I do. I seem to forget how creative my life was back in the day. Work and adulting things tire me most of my days hence, leading to my creative demotivation. But right now, I’m powering…

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What to watch next: Recreate

What to Watch Next: Recreate

One of the reasons why I keep coming back to Benilde: to watch amazing theatrical shows created, directed, or even produced by the student body. Back then, I used to watch these shows a lot. Not only because I have friends in the production…

June 20, 2019

3 Ways That Creating Art Can Help to Add More Meaning to Your Life

You know whatโ€™s generally not a great lifestyle if you want to feel free, fulfilled, and enthusiastic about the limitless potential that life has in store? Working at a job you hate, day after day, following the exact same passive routine in all of…

January 18, 2019

Kigginawan: The Hidden Island | Why Watch?

Kigginawan: The Hidden Island will reach our shores this December 2018. Do you still remember the time you enjoy live theatrical shows? Well, I do. I share theatrical shows that I find very relatable to the current events around us.…

December 1, 2018
Sining: Biyaya o Sumpa?
Art Thoughts

Sining: Sumpa o Biyaya? A Balag at Angud Review

Last August 31, 2018, we watched a game-changing show which I find very timely for millennials nowadays. Most of us question ourselves whether or not we pursue what our hearts want or stick to what’s practical. One of the lines that struck me the…

September 1, 2018

Ideas to Keep You Scribbling

What keeps you on scribbling? The same question is ask if how we are with life. How we are doing or what keeps us going.…

June 19, 2018
Karla Rubio

Featured Artist of the Month XXIII

This day and age, crafters from different walks of life. Some are kids, teens, or even mothers. For the month of June, we reminisce our Independence and some other holidays. Now, we salute to a mother crafter who has been creating non-toxic crayons since…

June 18, 2018