Finding Inspiration

In my journey, looking for a venue that inspires you to be better at the craft is also important. The travel, hunt and eventually practicing at the place itself. There different elements when it comes to practicing.

Finding Inspiration for Calligraphy

The Office Project

You may have read about it in my previous post but I haven’t talked about it with regards to practicing the art of calligraphy. As I have mentioned earlier, there’s a process to which you can get inspiration to do the things that you would love to do.

Sometimes, you get sad with what is happening and tend to think about the numerous what if’s that have just popped in your head. Yet, we may over-think and just let those die without justice.

I, for one, have my own process when it comes to practicing. I start with thinking and contemplating on what to practice on. There was a previous post wherein it was all hugot lines and it was the starting point for this blog series. It really depends on how you are and what do you want to do but it can change depending on what is surrounding you.

Surround yourself with motivational quotes or posters or browse through various sites. I do it with Pinterest. I search for almost anything and everything under the sun.

The keyword/s I would use:
  • calligraphy
  • art
  • design
  • quotes
Those are just some, you can have your own combination depending on how you are. After scouring, you may now come up with your own twists and ideas and please make sure, you won’t be copying somebody else’s work because that is bad. You may use others’ work as reference but don’t copy, please.
Having something like this isn’t bad at all:
A photo posted by Adam Julian N. Redoblado (@ajredoblado) on

That is from a friend of mine, Adam Redoblado who is a budding artist and also a letterer and paper cutter and a fellow leftie! This is his art wall. I have seen various kinds of art walls yet mine is quite different from most. It’s composed of various items like photos, goodies from Art Trade MNL, own practice sheets and others.

Searching for inspiration is tough since not all have the same vibe when it comes to appreciating and getting amazed with artworks. Would you know that working with natural light really helps in getting work done? Well, I’m unsure about you guys but with me it really works. I tend to look for a place outside my own and feel comfortable about it to be able to finish all pending works and notes.


Going to places like museums or art galleries (believe me, there are plenty in the metro and are just waiting for you to visit) will really wake and stimulate or art side. These places give a vibe that would refresh my mind and after visiting one (even one), I’d feel inspired already. Others may think that it’s impossible but it’s true. Getting inspired may depend on how you appreciate the pieces displayed and how would you react but truly, you’d get that inspiring vibe!

Mom and Spolarium

Maybe the thing with art appreciation, I got it from my mom. The last time we had a date in the metro, we visited two museums in a day (well because, they were just across from each other) and it was really worth every penny and the fare! She just got back from a sickness when we went there and it was as if she did not get sick at all! I guess, it was her eagerness to see the Spolarium personally that made her get better. Art can really do great work!

So, if you want inspiration, just take a deep breath and take a look at things differently and appreciate things around you even if they are just common things. Inspiration can come from anything.

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