Calming Myself with Calligraphy

How do you keep the passion alive? What keeps you pursuing this craft? How do you manage even if you are in law school? Why are you still doing it?

Calming Myself

The questions are from my restless mind. I keep asking myself why did I push doing calligraphy or just practicing it. The answer is simple.

It helps me calm myself down.

Yes, that’s right. For some, it may be hard yet for some just easy as 1-2-3 but for me, it’s in the middle of the two. It’s not an easy thing to do and you really need to practice if you want to get better and be like the people behind Pluma PH or Type Kita or La Bella Scrittura. To be honest, I have met them at the Type Kita event called Pass on the Passion and I could see them really reaching out to their “fans” or fellow type enthusiasts.

If you have followed this series, you’ll know that I started practicing April last year because I treated myself a birthday present with a Scribble Starter Kit from The Craft Central. You may have seen the roughness and lack of skill I had when I first tried it. I kept on looking for manuals / tutorials for lefties because I always get the feedback that calligraphy and lefties don’t really go along pretty much but seeing some leftie calligraphers motivated me more to pursue and practice and continue practicing until I got better!



Habang Wala Pa Sila

Just yesterday, I was practicing because we had a free cut. I read a few poems from Habang Wala Pa Sila, it’s Juan Miguel Severo’s book that I bought all the way from NBS Trinoma. All the branches near my place keep on telling me that it’s out of stock so when a friend of mine tweeted me that it got restocked at the said Trinoma branch, I immediately set foot to QC since I was in the area for an appointment and got myself a copy!

From NBS Trinoma to Taft

I strive to have it signed on Saturday to help me satisfy my inner fangirl side. For this week’s practice, I was just focused on the goal that may the odds be ever in my favor or may the force be with me. Yet, what I was able to scribble down were:

From the book
Just a random scribble
For Joy of Paperless Panda

For the first one, it’s from the book of JMS. The second one was just a random thought that occurred when I was reading his book and lastly, a message for a sick friend of mine.

Materials used:

  • Tachikawa G nib
  • Walnut ink
  • Plain index cards
  • Berkeley brush (4)
  • Prang watercolor
  • Simbalion watercolor
  • Artline Stix (brush marker)

Sometimes, I don’t believe how I pull almost everything. From studying to blogging and to even practicing calligraphy. Maybe, it’s a skill called time management that I may have acquired back in college or way back high school. Really depends.

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