Pointed Pen Calligraphy and Watercolor

Previously, I have been trying to practice using the brush and brush pen but I’m getting a hard time since I got used to using the dip pen. But as we all know, we must keep on learning and craving for more knowledge so we do not end up like a tree stump.

Dip Pen with Watercolor

Lately, I was working on a personal project wherein I tried to do some cards that would be expressing quotable quotes from various popular people or even law maxims because I want to relate law to calligraphy in ways that I can think of.

From the stash that I have been holding captive, I got myself:
  • some watercolor paper
  • used illustration board to serve as a cutting mat or something to absorb the pressure that I have been applying from cutting
  • the hobby knife and its blades
  • vellum board
  • foam board / sintra board
  • adhesives (double-sided tape, masking tape, magic / invisible tape)
Those were for just the cards. Here are for the calligraphy / watercolor materials:
  • brushes or brush pen/s (depending on the tip, of course)
  • watercolors (with this, I used Prang to be able to practice more and my first watercolor, Simbalion)
  • palette
  • tissue
First, I wrote down all the things that I wanted to write. For the illustrations, I have consulted with Sam on how will I go about it. He just told me to doodle on what you feel is right what you are scribbling about. It really helps so I listened and heard his piece of advice and began working on it.
Here is where you cut the papers also. I cut the watercolor paper and vellum board using the hobby knife with 3″ x  3″ dimensions (for the cards) and for the postcards, 4″ x 6″.
Just a random thing, Sam and I collaborated to work on some postcards that we sent to DLS-CSB OCA to be able to participate in their upcoming exhibit in partnership with Art Trade MNL. I came across is through Art Trade MNL’s Instagram post and there and then I told Sam that we should try entering. We agreed so I bought the materials we did not have at hand and started working. We sent a total of eight (8) cards. The lady there said that the submission was extended up to February 29 and the exhibit will be on March. So, I’m really looking forward for the exhibit hoping to see our works since this is the first time we collaborated to join an exhibit. Yay!


Secondly, contemplating on what materials should be used for a certain scribble will also affect the quality of the finished product. As much as possible, try to match the words with the medium that you are going to use. Just imagine that you are going to participate in an exhibit, of course you’d want people to look and be mesmerized with your works, right? So, give some time to choose the materials / accents that you want to use.
Lastly, doing the actual scribbling and doodling. Personally, the words get done first and the doodling comes afterwards. It has been this way since I began with this little project of mine. And, Sam does the thinking for the doodles and does the sketches as well and I just put color to it.
One of many

Realizations & Thoughts

Forget the people who would negate your thoughts about pursuing something that way different from your current path. Anyone is entitled to have freedom of his/her choice that would make them feel better about themselves. No one should hinder you from pursuing something that will make you happy unless it’s illegal! Hahaha!
For a law student who practices calligraphy / lettering, this makes me happy and relieved from the stress that the law gives. It’s an outlet to convey messages to others and a way to converse with your inner self. Other may not perceive it the way you do but there’s always the netizens who may or may not appreciate you and your works.

Yet, at the end of the day, it will all depend on how you see things. If you see that pursuing another will make you happy then, why not?

P.S. Photos are all mine unless stated.

When was the last time that you did something for the first time?

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