Hugot Calligraphy III

For my third post about calligraphy, I have decided to have one night in a week called “Hugot Calligraphy” night.

Calligraphy 103

It started last Thursday (July 30, 2015) when I got so bored while practicing calligraphy and random ideas came into my mind such as, #hugot lines. These are very famous in the social media because people would post some dramatic lines that would depict the current status of their lives in terms of relationships, friendships or just in general.
For tonight’s calligraphy practice, I made use of:
  • Speedball nibs for left-handed people (This was bought in the US c/o my cousin because it was sold through Amazon) – Nibs 3 1/2, 5 and 6
  • Blue Pumpkin nib
  • Higgins Eternal Black Ink (The ink was diluted in water)
  • Canson Acid-Free Sketch Pad

It was so many days or even weeks since I last practiced calligraphy. I was also catching up with my friends and gaining some more (especially the young ones). Basically, when I held my pens again it felt different. Really! It felt like it’s my first time to use pens and nibs again. While reorganising my nibs, to make space for my new nibs, I realised that for some nibs I have two of each kind. This was somehow good for me since I use walnut ink (from The Craft Central) and cleaning nibs is really tough.

For cleaning my nibs, I use the pen cleaner I got from The Craft Central. Since I want to have it for a longer time, I dilute it with water and use a paint brush (#0-1) andĀ evenly spread the solution onto the nib. Use the brush to clean off the ink and lastly, wipe it off with a tissue paper to totally remove the remnants.

Finding the nibs to use depending on your mood is also somehow tricky since you may feel so ecstatic yet the nib you used does not seem to match the way you would want to express yourself.

Bolder Strokes

For the bolder strokes, I used Speedball nib for lefties, no. 3 1/2 and the finer ones were no. 5 and 6. The sixth one is a bit finer than the fifth one. I am still adjusting into using the leftie nibs since I was almost learning and practicing with the ones for the right handed people. I just hope and wish that online shops in the country would also sell calligraphy stuff for lefties and not just for the majority which would be for the right-handed people.

Here are the other works:

Now, if you have ideas like this, why not share it? I mean, I know that my calligraphy still sucks and lacks practice but why not share it? You could gain help from the world if you would share it and it is also a way to know others. I really wish that I could get to practice more even if school is just around the corner. *sigh*

And I also wish that, don’t judge me if I flood you with the hugot lines on Snapchat or Twitter or whichever social account I have. Believe me, I was not sad or what. I was just really bored so I decided to do that and also, it was a way of observing people on how would they react. ✌️

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