Blog Again with These Prompts #3

Blog Again

Ever feel you’re stuck with your blog? Losing ideas to blog about? Here’s the third batch of blogging prompts to keep your blog alive.

Ready to Blog Again? Blogging Prompts #3

When blogging, we face getting stuck somewhere and do not know what to write about next. We wonder how would our readers react if we did try something new or tried another category. It’s also important to stick to whatever you think is right and fit for you.

Remember, the blogger has a power that influences their readers and followers. It is very important to be responsible about the things we say online. There’s always an impact to their lives and even to ours that we must not neglect.

Now, I present five (5) ideas that could help every blogger out there to just continue writing and doing what they love.

Just a disclaimer, the ideas that will be shared here are just random thoughts lurking inside my brain. So, here are the list of ideas.

#1 Thoughts About Your Favorite Social Network


Nowadays, there are a lot of social networks that people use to connect and converse with people. This could allow the blogger share his/her insights about the specific social network and what they think about it.

Talking about your favorite social network allows your readers to know more about you through your favorite and preferred social network. Sometimes, it may seem a little bit awkward but it’s good to be honest with your audience.

My fave social network is Twitter. Why? It’s because it’s easier to share your thoughts and ideas even your deepest darkest thoughts about this harsh world. With 280 characters, you can share even a poem.

Plus, even if you tweet every minute or second, no one will judge you. Why? It’s Twitter.

#2 Blogging Platform


After the favorite social platform, we can now discuss about the current blogging platform that you are using. Not only this ignites aspiring bloggers to step out of their comfort zone but it also motivates them to start writing.

Personally, I’ve hopped from one platform to another. First, I started out with Tumblr and Multiply (now, I don’t know what happened to it after it became Marketplace). Then, I started another one on Blogger because I needed a new one for an art project. When I got tired of coding manually and the limited themes and plugins, I now moved to WordPress (been my blog’s home since 2016). Codes have lessened and customizing the site has been easier and less tiring. I’ve also tried Squarespace because I heard that you just need to drag and drop everything. With the two-week trial period, I’ve maximized everything and almost moved! However, what stopped me was the costs that I would be facing.

So I hope, by discussing the current blogging platform that you’re using, we get to inspire each person who want to start blogging.




#3 How Do You Edit Your Photos

This can be an intriguing post since various people edit their photos differently. Some who are always on the go, edit it with just using apps on their mobile phones. While there are those people, like me, who take time to edit photos.

Some people use these apps that are available on their phones:

  • VSCO
  • Afterlight
  • PicsArt
  • Adobe Photoshop Express

While some, like me, use these programs on their laptops:

  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop

So imagine the effort I go through just to edit and post my photos on my social accounts, right? People, especially your followers and readers are curious on how the photos on your sites are created or edited. This is another way of sharing your knowledge and  enagage with your readers and followers.

#4 Desk Situation

Behind those pretty photos on your Instagram feed or even Pinterest boards, most of us will always wonder if who is really the person behind it. But truth be told, we all just want to know more about the person behind it.

One way of knowing the person is looking at their current desk situation. Messy or not, it’s depicts how they are and their true self.

Personally, I’ve been lurking on Pinterest for quite a while now. There so many things that can be seen on that lovely social network. It connects you to bloggers, crafters and even artists who create unique desks that can be DIY-ed or merely bought from stores out there.

Little as we know, desks can be one of the most unique ways to learn so much about a person.

#5 Blogging Essentials

While it entails a lot of things when one wants to start a website, there are of course essentials for each and everyone out there. It may be in the form of blogging platforms, themes or even the people that inspires you.

This varies from one person to another and is not fixed. So, if a blogger posts about his/her essentials, you need not necessarily follow it item per item.

When you decide to write your own version, stick to your own version. Okay? 😃




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Among these, which would be the first item you’ll write about?

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    Aica Batoon
    December 19, 2017 at 10:54 PM

    Wow.. This post of yours is really helpful for me, who have had a writer’s block for months. Also, I’ve been busy with school, because of our thesis, which is why I haven’t posted good stuff for ages. Thank you for these tips, now I am considering to write about how I edit my photos! Thanks to you! 🙂 <3

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