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A Review on Besties

This is the work of Solenn Heusaff and Georgina Wilson.

I bought this copy of mine during the first few days of vacation from law school. Somehow, I see this book as a fulfillment of their dream/s to help others on how to feel with themselves, on how to be stylish and to tell people about their relationship to each other as best friends.

Just a note, I was not really aware that they are going to have a book. I just saw snaps of friends about their copies and also tweets. I then got curious and bought a copy for myself and read it. (Of course, I read it after finals because I would go crazy if I read it alongside my law books.)

The Review

At first, I was really shocked about the things I knew about the authors. Honestly, I never thought that Solenn was a professional make-up artist and Georgina was working abroad and has earned two (not sure) degrees. That was really a shocker for me! 😱 People would have easily judged them since honestly they are two very beautiful creatures walking on this Earth that we are currently residing in. For me, they are somehow the relatable beauty and brains package! Relatable in a sense that they are human beings that are judged by anyone and that they get hurt too. Nevertheless, I salute them for sharing those in this magnifique book! ☺


The first chapter talks about insecurities. Who would have thought that they had their share of insecurities too? Reading their experiences and their evolution would really be helpful to those people who are really insecure about the images they see. Computer softwares have created these perfect images of celebrities that is not really normal. When they put a comparison of photos before and after Photoshop, it made me realize that I should love myself more. Those insecurities will never go away unless I tell them too. They would lurk inside of my head and get the best of me. I don’t have the perfect body yet I can mold my body to be perfect for me (and not thinking of what others would possibly think). I know that I gained, I am not ashamed that’s why whenever they tease me, I just shrug it off. Also, sharing about haters would be also very helpful since people would really create anonymous accounts just to post or tweet something bashful.

Other chapters talk about: fashion, beauty, diet & food, fitness, finance, travel, love, sex and madness, friendship. 


I would have to say that I am a shirt-jeans/leggings-shoes type of person. I do dress-up sometimes but sometimes I dress to impress which I realized is very wrong! You should never dress based on what people will think but you should dress because you are comfortable wearing that and you would love to see yourself wearing that. But I’ve learned that sometimes, I have been overdressed or underdressed on certain occasions.

And here’s their checklist that everyone should have taken care of before going out (from the book):

  • Camel toes
  • Wedgies
  • Love handles caused by pants that don’t fit anymore
  • Butt cheeks hanging out of our shorts
  • Visible bras


  • Black crew neck sweater (● What I have is navy blue and white ✌)
  • Black sunnies (✔)
  • Printed blazer (● I used to have but I seem to have lost it somewhere)
  • Black trousers (✔)
  • LBD (✔)
  • A-line skirt (✔)
  • White t-shirt (✔)
  • Perfect fitting jeans (✔)
  • Black pumps (● Mine’s brown because they did not have black when I bought it)
  • Go-to ballet flats (✔)
  • Black blazer (● Since it’s not plain, it’s pinstriped blazer ✌)
  • Bottom up shirt (✔)

Legend: ✔ – I have this in my closet ● I don’t have this in my closet 


I was not really fond of dolling up until college. I got to know people who are really kikay and I learned a lot from them! From curling up my hair to putting eyeliner and mascara. Usually I would just put eyeliner and mascara and I’m already good to go up until that I read this part. I learned that I was doing it wrong (not entirely wrong but yeah). I saw the preface of the chapter and it showed them having before and after shots, having bare face and ones with make-up. Anyway, this chapter is basically Solenn’s expertise since she’s a professional make-up artist. After reading this, I have to say that I really learned a lot and my skills were so noob!

I just hope I could see her in person and have lessons with me. Oh well, as if it would happen. Hahaha!

And they listed,


  •  The Night Look
  • For Students and The Working Woman (which is the most applicable to me)
  • The No-Make-Up Look (which I practically do most of the time)

Diet & Food

This would be quite hard since I practically love food. Nevertheless, celebrities always make it look easy to be sexy or fit or thin. However, they cited Erwan Heusaff’s The Fat Kid Inside with regards to Life Diet Rules. I would deeply thank them for sharing their experiences in the various diets they went through!


Models and celebrities alike always look good in front of the camera. Hitting the gym or doing various work-outs would be the answer. Perseverance in achieving the healthy bod you want would always make you feel good. Nothing’s wrong in getting healthy. Believe me, I was so thin before that when I look back at my old photos, I am thanking myself for really eating that I gained weight. Sharing their take on fitness is inspiring for a chubby person like me. Sharing their routine is very helpful especially for those who do not have time to go to gyms or other workout places!


I guess this is Georgina’s expertise. Although, mostly everyone hates numbers but I most definitely think that everyone must have a fair share of knowledge with their finances. My take on this is that we all need to handle our own finances, but having accountants to do the job is not bad at all. I, personally, really need to save money and not become more impulsive when it comes to shopping (may it be online or not).


I have dreamt of having an adventure around the world but to my dismay, it is very costly. Sharing their Barcelona experience was really a scary one. I got goosebumps when I was reading because I could imagine myself in their shoes. Maybe, when I have the resources to do my dream (of travelling) I would invite someone then we’ll have an adventure! Btw, I’ll share their rules which is (I think) will be very helpful! Also there are tips on how to travel on a budget but I won’t be sharing that since you need to read the book already!


  • Do your research
  • Pack smartly – I have been doing this since I have been traveling to and fro Legazpi so, I travel light especially if I am not staying for a long time.
  • Prepare for emergencies
  • Be adaptable – This is important since you should learn their culture too. Makes me remember that “Ignorance of the law excuses no one”
  • Explore like a local
  • Stay safe
  • Apportion your trip wisely
  • But also be spontaneous
  • Try traveling alone at least once
  • Explore your own country – I think this is a must!

Love, Sex and Madness

Well, I think almost everyone got their fair share on this. Your girlfriend or boyfriend is judged by your relatives/friends/colleagues/family by the way they look, talk, and sometimes judged based on what their wallet has. That’s the truth. At first, they would be so reluctant of the relationship you’re in and to be honest, at times friends get jealous because their friend is always MIA (missing in action) whenever there’s a group hangout. Well, you will also have to respect the fact that they might be having a date too or they may have another appointment or the fact that they might not want to hang with you at all (a bit hard but maybe highly probable). Conforming with the society has never been my best side. I personally say that I would usually stand out because I do not like what’s trending at the moment.

Sometimes I would get sad because people will not talk to me just because I believe in something  that is not parallel with theirs. I had arguments with relatives because their standing is just totally away from what I really believe in.

In the book, they wrote something called The Trouble with Maria Clara which I most certainly believe, is very rampant here in the Philippines. Most are not open-minded to things and do not think like modern citizens. Having traditions will never go away but letting fear of breaking the tradition rule your being may not be as healthy as you think it would be.

Solenn: Yeah, I think dress for yourself, not for other people. If you’re dressed sexy because it’s what you want to wear and you’re not doing that just because you want guys to like you, I think it’s okay. But if you’re dressed like that even if you feel uncomfortable and you feel bad about yourself, and all because you want guys to like you? That’s not okay.

Being in a relationship could be hard for others yet it still depends on the two persons in that relationship. Breaking up and making up will always be part of a relationship but sometimes break-ups take its toll on a person and it maybe quite devastating. They shared how they moved on, met new people in their lives and I think it is really great! Sharing your experiences on these matters would really inspire and help them cope up with whatever they’re going through.

Sex and sensibility is something that would be absorbed in many ways if you are here. People would think differently but in other countries that are quite liberated on the matter would just not care about it. And sex is usually connected to rape or harassment and I guess females would be the ones likely to experience it. It is a rare thing for males to file a case of rape or harassment against females and I guess it would be unfair too.

I still think that it’s hard for girls to exercise that kind of freedom here ’cause they’re always going to be judged or shamed for making their own choices. When a man sleeps around, he’s admired for it. When a girl does it, it becomes taboo. 


People had met friends in far diverse ways. Honestly, I have trust issues when it comes to friends. Others would say I am friendly but deep inside, I have these classifications for those people that I meet or get acquainted with. Of course, I don’t announce it to the world about the classification but briefly:

  • Those that are really genuine
  • Those that are there because you have something they need
  • Those that you never talk to often but are  there when you need them (unexpectedly there)

From experience, that’s how things are for me. Although that is not the full list! I admire how George and Solenn made their friendship so strong despite of the busy schedule. Since there are those people who you would be friends for a few times then if you got busy you would never get the chance to talk again.

You know you’ve landed a real friend when you can get them through difficult things with them. Friendships can be convenient and fun, but you should also be able to speak out and say how you feel. The right ones are there to help you get through the obstacles.

But, after reading the It Girl Friendship Quiz, this is my favorite part:
Who deserves to be the fattest?
Georgina: Anne. She eats whatever she wants and she’s still so thin.
Solenn: We all have to work super hard to get fit, while Anne will go out and eat so much and complain she’s gained so much weight, but you can hardly tell. Then she works out for three days and she’s back to normal. With abs!

I have those friend/s too! So much relate!

Image credit: Google

Some points to remember:

  • Price is reasonable.
  • Written by two lovely ladies currently in the spotlight
  • It is a very good and relatable read!
  • It made me realize things.
  • The photos, artworks, covers were great.
  • The quality of the paper was great.
  • I had a hard time in making the book to stay open.

“You could always be yourself whenever you have a best friend beside you and you get to do crazy things together.”

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  • Johna
    October 12, 2016 at 6:46 PM

    Awesome review. Very thorough I also wanted to buy this book and actually I would still like a copy however all the bookstores I go too are sold out already. Sounds like a great book for all girls out there

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