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December 26, 2017

#4 Miniso Mouse and Bluetooth Speaker

Miniso Mouse | The Ber Haul Miniso Bluetooth Speaker | The Ber Haul

Every user has their own preferences when it comes to getting things done. I love music just like that! So, it has become a necessity for me to have a background music playing while working. Music has become a part of my whole self and even my soul so I really cannot work without it.

Miniso PH has been ringing in everyone’s ears for its designer products at an affordable price! We have become patronizers of the shop as well. We love its wide variety of products that is sold for an affordable price.

For the mouse, it’s wireless and powered with one (1) AAA battery that could last for a month or more depending on how frequent you are using it.

On the other hand, the bluetooth speaker is rechargeable with a USB cable. Full charge can last for a few hours without interruption. There are buttons present to allow the users to play, pause and adjust the volume of the playback. So far, I have connected it to my laptop, tablet and phone and works fine!

Would I recommend it?

Yes, and here’s why.

  • The mouse is affordable on its own. Costing at around Php 300 (roughly $6), it’s a snug fit to my hand and even works fine.
  • As I’ve mentioned, it’s powered by an AAA battery that needs replacement every 1-2 months. But that varies depending on your usage. I bought mine from Miniso Glorietta branch.
  • It has a USB receiver that needs to be plugged to the laptop in order to work. The mouses boasts a magnet for storing the receiver when not in use.
  • The bluetooth speaker is little expensive. It costs around Php 900 (roughly $18) and is totally worth it.
  • Playback has a crisp and as the store says, has a surround feature. For me, that is important as I am very particular with the playback quality when it comes to music or videos. It has been with me for months now and I still do not have complaints about it.
  • Generally, it is affordable and of good quality.

I would recommend it to those who are always on the go and needs music/videos in order to work properly.

#5 Jaguar 24000 mAh Power Bank

Jaguar 24000 mAh Power Bank | The Ber Haul

Jaguar 24000 mAh Power Bank | The Ber Haul

Nowadays, people do not leave their homes without a power bank. This applies to everyone! Now, if the person does not own a power bank yet, they have a hard time leaving without fully charging their devices.

For this item, my mom actually bought this from Technopop. At the condo we are staying at in Manila, there’s a branch downstairs filled with tech gadgets and accessories. In case you’re wondering, (I think) it is a partner of Kimstore.

My mom needed a power bank for their Eurotrip last October and she told me that she wanted a power bank. She knows that I have one but I told her I needed it too. So, what I did, I brought her to Technopop. Mom bought a travel adapter and a power bank.

In the end, we exchanged power banks because what she bought was heavy and I also do not want her carrying that during their trip. So I gave her mine which I got from Lazada and has 10000 mAh (I think).

So, what do I think about it?

  • For some who almost needs power anywhere she goes, this is a good product! With its capacity, I could fully charge my phone for more than twice.
  • The power bank lasts long even if it’s a bit heavy.
  • It costs around Php 900 just like the speakers which is roughly around $18.
  • Recharging it is easy because you can use a lightning cable or a USB (A or B not C) cable.

I’ll recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a lasting power bank! ☺️

#6 Rechargeable Mini-Fan with Flashlight

Rechargeable Mini-Fan with Flashlight | The Ber Haul

Rechargeable Mini-Fan with Flashlight | The Ber Haul

This is the latest addition to the Ber haul! I bought this December and frankly, I’m bittersweet about this item. Lazada offers a lot of products and this is sold by different merchants at different prices.

Where do I start sharing about this?

  • It costs Php 300 (roughly $6) on Lazada and free shipping is included!
  • The fan has three (3) settings, on and off button and a rechargeable battery. Package already includes the battery and USB wire.
  • A downside to this is that the battery stopped working at some point. Now, I have to plug it in before I can turn it on and unplug it right after.
  • With its price, it’s cheap though I’m reluctant in recommending it. Since with my experience, it did not turn out the way I thought it would be. At first it showed good performance but with just after a few days, it began deteriorating. Now, I cannot operate it without first plugging it in which is such a hassle for anyone. I do not want that to happen.
  • Even if it’s affordable and ships fast, the quality of the product isn’t that okay. So, to anyone who gets to read this, I hope you’ll be careful with the purchases done online. Some reviews are not helpful and feels forced.

#7 Punny Sui Generis Merchandise Shirts

How to get away with Recit | The Ber Haul Dacion en Pagod | The Ber Haul

Who loves puns?

Puns are statements filled with a lot of word play that puzzles people and sometimes, entertain them. Some create them for fun and some just come out naturally. Most of the time, it’s accompanied by memes to further illustrate their meaning.

Sui Generis Merchandise is a small business built and forged by law students. Luckily, I was one of the first few customers who availed of their promo and first thing’s first. The shirts are so comfortable to wear!

Now, I forgot who first followed who but surely, I was glad that I met them. They were also one of our partners during our event last September. A part of me wishes to be able to work on them on a collaboration. Maybe we could send a design we made and they could just print it. That is, if they are open to the idea.

What I love about these shirts?

  • They were on sale, particularly running on a promo so they were very affordable. Php 500 for two shirts already! Isn’t that a great deal? (Roughly around $10 for the two shirts)
  • Receiving the items was not much of a hassle. We were schoolmates so we just met during our free time and that’s easy as pie.
  • Shipping is nationwide, Philippines only. For Metro Manila customers, you would receive your order within 2-3 days. Those who are outside Metro Manila, I guess maximum would be 7 days.
  • The fabric was breathable and very comfortable. It is not hard to wash either. You can hand wash it or through the machine.
  • It’s long and you can match it with leggings or jeggings.
  • When you go to their page, you’ll see hoodies also. I only bought shirts so I won’t be able to share information about that. Sorry! ✌🏽

Since they are a small business, let’s support them! 💙

That concludes my Ber haul and I hope this can serve as a list of gift ideas for your friends and families. Also, I hope I shared useful information to everyone out there!

As I’ve mentioned on the first few paragraphs, this is not a sponsored post. All items were bought using my resources and the brands did not ask me to do a review about it. Every opinion here came from my experience.

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The Ber Haul

So, which one are you thinking of buying for your own Ber haul? 🤔


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