Beat the Blogging Hiatus through these Prompts

Beat the blogging hiatus through these blogging prompts

As a blogger and a writer, we encounter some hiatus that hinders us from writing or pouring out our thoughts. Some think of it as something harmful to the numbers of your blog or website products. However, going on a pause or a break could be actually healthy for you in general.

What’s up with the blogging hiatus?

Taking a break from all the work that you do gives you a lot of benefits. It recharges yourself especially your soul from all the stress that you feel. When people try out different things, they rest from the usual things they do to give time for the new thing they try.

However, when you realize that you still want to do the old things you usually do, you give time to it. Not sure if this works for everyone but, sometimes we do the things that give us joy. Commonly, we look for inspiration and prompts that will ignite us to go back into doing what you love the most.

These prompts aim to help you go out of that hiatus and the abyss.

Fave cuisine

When you talk or write about your favorite cuisine, share the story of how you learned to try the cuisine. Include also who introduced the cuisine and why do you like it. Some feel afraid of sharing this kind of stories as others might think they’re oversharing. Don’t ever think that way! Remember, your blog is your own self-expression. You own it and nobody will take it away from you.

Some ways of sharing or writing about it include:

  • Giving a tour or overview of your favorite cuisine
  • Share the location of where to get your favorite cuisine
  • How you came to love it
  • Who introduced it to you

Of course, don’t forget to include some photos that will surely entice us!

Blogging prompts to try when you had a hiatus.
Just dining at Yakimix. One of our family’s fave buffet spot. This photo’s about turn a year old too!

Your favorite things

This gives a challenge since your favorite things could be classified into categories such as favorite shoes, bags, or even social media platform. When you share your favorite things, you might think about the song from The Sound of Music. Now, younger generation may remember 7 Rings by Ariana Grande. Personally, I always choose the former. And yes, I’m an old soul.

Mention your favorites for the next blog post after your hiatus.
My all-time favorite burrito: pulled pork burrito from Gregory Park. It’s the on the left.

Now, I do feel sad whenever I see this photo. They closed their store near my flat. I don’t even know if they opened somewhere else or will they still open again in our area. You know, this burrito is so good that it can feed two (2) people at a time. It costs Php 250 (around $5 to $6) and worth every penny!

So now, list down all your favorites and classify them. Later on, start drafting your blog post!

Dream city to visit

One of the best things about blogging or writing – sharing your dream destinations. Some people share their bucket lists that talk about almost anything in the world. This helps you meet people who share the same dream and might find help altogether!

Mine’s Prague. I don’t really know why but I’m just fascinated with its structures and how rich their history is. My mom and aunt already visited the country around two (2) years ago when they had their Euro pilgrimage. They met our relatives there who toured them around. Of course, I wasn’t around because I was still in my post grad school. But now, I’m making this dream alive again!

Work essentials

Share something about your desk from your blogging hiatus
This was how my desk looked like before.

Since I work remotely, my flat houses my office. One of the biggest challenges of working from home – beating the lazy bug. Now, share something about how your workspace looks when you try to beat that bug.

Share something about:

  • How you organize your workspace?
  • What does your workspace contain?
  • When do you clean your desk?
  • Do you use eco-friendly products or buy most plastic?

My workspace includes these basic elements:

  • Extension wire
  • Desk mat from Paper Blush PH
  • Reed diffuser
  • Electric fan to cool my laptop and self
  • Earphones
  • Notepad and planner
  • Filed’s pen capsule that holds my pens and favorite brush pens

I do hope that gives you an idea on your next blog post!

Go-to makeup

My go-to make-up look

Just share your everyday look whenever you go out. Now that I work remotely, I seldom fix myself and just casually put on lipstick when I attend meetings. So that I look fresh, right?

What’s my go-to makeup?

Now, I just hope you get back your groove and start blogging again!

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