Be a Bayad Center Partner

Bayad Center Partner

Have you experienced the hassle of paying your dues especially if you live away from their offices? People are really on the look-out for easier ways to pay their dues.

Becoming a Bayad Center Partner

Every homemaker’s dilemma is to pay household dues, utilities on time. However, with the worsening traffic, higher fares and longer queues, it is as almost impossible to do it punctually! All of these contribute to the hassle and stress of every paying consumers has to withstand every month. Just thinking about going to their office knowing the traffic makes you want to cringe and just stay where you are. Of course, I’ve been experiencing that dilemma too.

Living away from home has been my thing for the past years and paying dues is inevitable. Plus, going to and fro their offices is going to transform you into a soldier already.

Every Filipino is acquainted to paying their bills at the last minute for various reasons, most can be attributed to cash flow. It’s either they want to stretch their budget or they simply do not have the money yet. For some, the payment center is located away from work which would cost them a lot. Risks of being late to work is always present. Hence, spending more for fare will be another issue. While others just lose track of the due dates and overlook that information. This Pinoy behavior often results to scrambling to beating the clock in order to avoid disconnection. Hence, inconvenience is present.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your friendly sari-sari store can be turned into a one-stop shop for all your bills payment and loading needs?

Bayad Center

Be a Bayad Center Partner now!

Bayad Center Retail Machine

Fret not!

 Bayad Center just made our lives a lot easier. Understanding every bill payor’s tiring journey, they have introduced the Bayad Center Retail Machine. This shall enable any small neighborhood establishment to transform into a multi-payment channel. Oh yes! This is really convenient and accessible especially to those who work and live in the metro.

Bayad Center Retail Machine carries Meralco‘s seal of service and integrity to the equation. Enabling you to solve all your bills payment woes. You can be assured of #TatakSigurado


How to Apply:

Applying for the Retail Machine franchise is just as easy.

  • minimal investment of P60,000 is needed.

So, small and medium businesses such as your ever reliable sari-sari stores, neighborhood carwash centers, and even PUV terminals can be more than just a loading center.

This will give you a much higher earning potential if that’s what you’re looking for.

Bayad Center Partner

The Retail Machine

The Retail Machine franchise carries with it the use of the Bayad Center brand and system. It is already a household name for bills payment in the Philippines. Even the people that I know make use of this. Why? It’s is very convenient! 

Aside from bills payment, the Retail Machine also offers:

  • E-loading service
  • and soon, airline ticketing and remittance services.

For more information about the franchise:



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