A Princess For A Day

Elegance has never escaped a woman’s mind especially in attending events like weddings, proms and even cocktails. Dressing to kill has been a motto for ages and no one wants to feel underdressed in going to those events.
Even as a kid, girls would dream about their wedding or their prom date and what will they wear on that particular day. To be honest, I’m guilty as well of that. Long time ago, I even imagined and practiced with my mom’s heels the “walk” that I was going to do for my big day. Now that I’m reminiscing on those, it just makes me laugh. As I grew up, getting chosen to be part of an entourage is inevitable. I get to wear clothes that were made with intricate designs and just right for my size. It feels amazing when the seamstresses bring their tape measure alongside their pen and paper to get your measurements for the dress. Whenever that happens, I feel excited about the fitting and the final product.

Browsing for wedding dresses for my future wedding has always been a dream and a hobby. Dreaming and fantasizing about your prince charming will never go away in a woman’s heart even at a very young age. Seeing or watching fairy tales has instilled those deep in our minds and may have become a reflex. This lovely dress has caught my eyes and instantaneously fell in love with it.

Elegant A-line Long Sleeve Sweep/brush Train Lace High Neck Wedding Dresses

Coming from a Catholic school, prom was never allowed yet we have this seniors’ night wherein you spend a night with your fellow seniors before graduating so picking what to wear was also tough. Before, I wasn’t stylish and had the most unusual fashion sense. I grew up that my aunts or mom would pick what will I wear and just began choosing my outfits when I was about to step into high school. Things went different that time. Soon after, college. I was invited to parties and events that needed formal dresses. So then and there, I began learning how to dress appropriately in events like those.

Sample formal dresses on Rosa Novias

Through the years, I have learned that with an LBD, you can never go wrong! May it be a formal event or a casual event, an LBD will really rescue your ass if you are in a complex situation. With formal dresses, I’d prefer to wear black; usually A-line or mermaid. Some formal dresses are way to complex to look at yet some just captivate you without even knowing. Before, it’s way complicated to have the perfect dress for an occasion but now, with the help of Rosa Novias, we can browse with ease!

Elegant A-line V-neck Cap Sleeve Floor-length Chiffon Evening Dresses 2015 Evening Dress

For almost every wedding I have been invited too, I’ve noticed that some would have cocktails before entering the reception area. If ever you haven’t been invited as an entourage but as a guest, wouldn’t you think about what to wear? Perhaps, what would be the best looking cocktail dress to wear? My personal choice would be to stick with black since it could fit with almost anything.

Black Tea-length Satin A-line cocktail dress with lace appliques

I’d pick this dress for a more formal event since it looks like you are going to have tea with the Queen of England! Since I call myself an old soul, I usually love the fashion before. They were more chic and classy and presentable for me and I have nothing against with the fad now. I usually imagine myself saying “Would you like some tea?” to friends while wearing this! It’s shallow but it really amuses me! Haha!

Simple Sheath/Column Scoop Peplum Short/Mini Cocktail Dress

For a lesser formal event (not a black tie), I’d go with this. Since I have gained weight through the years, peplum skirt or dress would aid in the amplification of the curves of the waist and hips. The scoop neck would help in accentuating your future. Still sticking with black since it can be both formal and informal.

In an ordinary day, daydreaming is never out of the picture. We daydream about almost anything and everything under the sun. We dream of looking our best in the places and events that we go to. To avoid the hassle of looking for lovely dresses fit for certain occasions, visit Rosa Novias now!

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