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Life Lately

Life Lately: First Week High

January 26, 2017

This is the very first Life Lately post this 2017. I’ve actually missed writing personally. The feeling when you just want to write and share what transpired in your week. School resumed and the first week just ended. There were a lot of things that passed by and to tell you some, here’s the list of how life has been.…

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Law School: Before and After

  There will always be changes that occurs prior to and after some event in your life. There have been some instances that’ll greatly affect your life.…

August 10, 2016

Basics for Exams

  Usually, before I can’t of anything else besides a pen and paper for exams but now that I’m in school (again) but for a different level, here’s the things that I think I need for exams may it be midterms or finals.…

March 10, 2016