Surviving the Odds

September 25, 2015

Alas! It’s that time of the term again, midterm examinations (this applies even if it’s for the finals) but I get to blog about it instead of studying. Aye! I have so much time, not. Well, I just like to share my thoughts and ideas on how I usually survive this time of the term. Why not take a seat and read with me?

But wait, before anything else, this applies to me and I don’t if it also applies to you. And also, there may be legal jargons in this post.

 I guess, there might be memes in this post that would really apply to how I usually am when reviewing but, not all posts are relatable. And some memes, are just for fun.

On serious note, in reviewing, here are my so-called essentials:

  1. Notes (may it be handwritten / typewritten / photocopy)

Remembering who was trending last night is far easier than remembering who was the appellant from the plaintiff. But, when exams are here, you almost write every inch that is worth remembering, down to the last detail! So, when I take notes, I like it to be handwritten because I learned from a professor from college that it is effective in remembering things in your head when you write it. I keep on thanking the odds that I got to be in his class! I keep on remembering the pieces of advice he would tell us.

  1. Highlights (different colors stand for different meanings)
This meme captures everything

Yes, we do highlight things may it be unimportant or not because everything is important especially if you do verbatim. I use different colors to determine which is a keyword, definition and other information that might be helpful in learning things. I even saw some memes that would really depict how highlighting is done in law school.

So, here are the two memes that I have been blabbing about. When I saw that, *boom*, straight to the heart! Like an arrow that pierced right through it. I don’t know about others but sometimes, that is how I feel about it.
3. Helpful acronyms / combinations
Some provisions have elements or requisites that you need to remember. I find it hard to really memorize them so what I do is take note of it first then have keywords to easily identify it. Focus my energy on those and push towards the exam. Some find it hard that way but it works fine for me. Just like in one of my previous classes last school year, I had a set of acronyms and thank goodness for it, it was asked and I was able to answer because I had created an easier way to remember it.
4. Prepare the guns and ammo
By this, I mean prepare your fountain pens, gel pens, sign pens, inks and whatever writing material you utilize for exams. Going to your exam without these may have a bad effect. Well, think of it this way, if you did not prepare your pens and you suddenly ran out of ink and no one has the same refill as you do, what shall happen? (I hope you see what I mean.) Also, make sure you know how to write with your machineries.
5. Read, read and read!
Even though you have your notes prepared, the highlighted book and the acronyms, never forget to read the original source of those. In reading the whole text, it may instill some insights and lessons that you may have overlooked before since you may feel nervous. I may have absorbed what my other professors have said that you need to read the full text and not the digest or the reviewers (due to the fact we’re still students and not barristers) and I fully understand why.
Last but not definitely not the least!
6. Prayers
I may not be as religious as the others but I really do pray before and after taking the exams just to ask for guidance because I have always believed in the saying:

“Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa.”

That even if you did everything, it is still up to Him if what will the outcome be. And I do know, He is there, watching over us. ☺︎
Tell me, do you relate to this?
Or to this?
It still depends on you on how will you tackle everything that was discussed or recited but nevertheless, I wish you all good luck! ♡
And do keep in mind that:
“You cannot survive alone in law school.
-Atty. Ballesteros

P.S. This is really so me. ✌︎

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    This post, I feel does not only apply to law students, but basically anyone who is a student in college. 😀 I remember the days where I used to highlight almost all of the words in the constitution, as our prof wanted us to memorize it and create arguments based on the stuff. 🙁 #Haggard to the max hahaha

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