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Life Lately: Things are Gray

March 13, 2018

Life Lately: Things are Gray

It’s March again of another year and things are going fine. If asked to describe it in a color, I’d say it would be gray for many reasons. So many things happened in the past few weeks and I could not think of any way of letting it out except by writing and sharing it to you.

Life Lately: Things are Gray

Some think that if gray is mentioned, it means that there’s melancholy or grim thoughts about what transpired. The previous month was a roller coaster of tumultuous emotions and thoughts that affect me in various ways.

This post is something that’s from the bottom of my heart expressing my deepest thoughts. Frankly, I do not know where to begin but I’ll let my fingers do the talking.

So, let’s start from the first month of the year.


I would make this easier which is why I will write it in bullets.

  • When I think about my blog, I always have these numerous ideas that I write down but I don’t always get to write them in time. I feel bad for not being able to continuously write as I juggle work and grad school at the same time. There are times that I’d just stare at my notebook or journal, tick the items little by little especially when I get to accomplish things put there.
  • My blog has been always there and I am changing some of the blog series. One of the few changes is that I turned a weekly blog series into a monthly blog series. This gives me time to think more about what I’m going to write and how will I be able to share it to you.
  • Some do not know that I have been struggling with some personal and internal issues. Battles against anxiety, depression and even self-doubt which has been quite hard. There are many ways on how to deal with it and conquer it. Most said I should consult and seek professional help but one thing is hindering me from doing so. The price and the expense of doing so is very expensive. Hence, I just rely on organic and natural ways of healing. Learning about self-love is hard since it’s new but I’m slowly getting there.


This is the month of love and happiness, birth month of one of my favorite aunts, and most of all, the second month of the year.

Blog Things

  • The featured artist of the month still continues and it has been featuring a number of artists already from different places.

Family Blues

  • My family faced a lot this month, two deaths from beloved loved ones in a span of two (2) weeks. I worried a lot about my mom and thought how could she be doing. How could be holding up despite those two painful happenings. I went home to check on her and attend the funeral services. Quite frankly, it affects me up to this day. I do not know how but it is really scary.

National Arts Month

  • On the lighter side of the month, we celebrated National Arts Month through participating in an arts and crafts bazaar and conducting workshops in the Southern part of Metro Manila. It scared me for a bit since I did not know how to go around places in that area. Gladly, I have friends who guided me to be able to reach the place without getting lost at all!

P2P Experience

  • Riding the P2P bus line was one of the highlights of the events for me.
  • The buses are truly convenient and we need more of them servicing the mass commuters.
  • At some point, I felt like I was in a different city or even country when I rode the bus. It felt an improvement on the transportation system.

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First half of March

March is a big month for me, for the blog, and for us.

The 7th

  • This is the month wherein we’ll be celebrating our 7th anniversary. It excites me and I look forward to celebrating it. I told Sam I want to try firing some guns at a firing range since we tried archery last year. It is another adventure to try which both mesmerizes me and excites me. In addition to that, Rosie (the plant he gave me for our 6th anniversary) is turning 1 this year!


  • Midterms is coming so I’m staying away from the world wide web for a while and just focus on my school works. I’m trying to finish scheduling my blog posts so it would just go live here automatically.

Holy Week

  • Another thing about March is that Holy Week is coming. This is a big thing especially for us, Filipinos. For some, it is a break away from the city, the stress, and even from school. Most are looking forward for this and so am I! I have my ticket already and I’m just waiting for the date that I’ll fly back home.
  • Aside from taking a short break there, I’ll be looking forward to work also on some articles and try earning some more money since April is coming and fast!

So that’s how life has been lately for me.

How has yours been? ☺


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