Let’s Get Linked

Let's Get Linked

Blogging can never be done alone, just like the saying, no man is an island. No blogger is an island. This is a way to link back to my blogger friends out there. Plus, being friends with other bloggers is just one of the greatest things ever.

Let’s Get Linked

Here’s the list of blogger pals that I have met through the web and even personally:


By: Krizia Catapang
Inspired by the daily happenings and latest trends happening today in our generation, she blogs about events, products, lifestyle and fashion.

Ventures of the Vixen
By: Ronalene Soluta
This blog is what I do in my life, with no pattern of events and idea of what’s next. This blog is random.

The Paperless Panda
By: Joy Reginaldo
This blog contains ramblings of a 19 y/o who has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about 99% of the time.

By: Ajein Relova
Little musings and ventures of a jedi.




Polly Defies Gravity
By: Polly Amora
A wanderlust kid at heart who loves to travel and explore places, meet people and try different things. A self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie and wannabe rockstar.




The Sab Stuff
By: Sab Escoto

Sharing a little piece of my life through photo and word. I am an open book whose stories are self-written and a masterpiece that will be forever work in progress. This is what makes up my world, this is what makes me. This is what makes Sab.

Reigning Still
By: Celerhina Aubrey

Reigning Still is Celerhina Aubrey’s online diary. Her personal blog. Her own little space in the world wide web. It’s a diverse as her personality and as bipolar as the Philippine weather. What used to be a Style and Fashion Blog is now a happy Parenting and Lifestyle Blog with a little bit of fashion and beauty here and there. Reigning Still is where she documents her journey to motherhood and her darling little Skye’s milestones.



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