Featured Artist of the Month XXII

May 18, 2018

FAM Marie Lama

It’s that time of the month again. Here we are with another featured artist for May. She hails from Metro Manila, sister to another artist, and someone who I admire for their colorful artworks! Let’s all meet and get to know, Marie Lama.

Featured Artist of the Month: Marie Lama

This month’s featured artist is someone whose artworks I see at Common Room PH. She paints lovely girls, sumptuous foods and even some structures we see around the city. Whenever I see her merchandise at Common Room branches, I would feel sudden bliss and a sight of happiness. It gives the people who see it some light from everything that is going on in the world.

Just a note, she’s super talents just like her sister, Ella Lama!

Get to know Marie


Marie Lama

What made you start with this craft?

As a kid, I really loved drawing – the usual mountains-with-rice-fields-and-sun kind of drawing. I also remember my teacher scolding me for not paying attention because I was too busy drawing. But the years between that and college we’re a blur, mainly because I stopped drawing.

However, I still continue to so ‘artsy’ stuff here and there – organizing the monthly bulletin board, directing plays, drawing letters, and so on.

Fast forward to college, I took up Advertising Arts in the University of Santo Tomas. Back in freshman year in college, we were taught how to use watercolors. I only started playing with them after graduating.

To be honest, I never really imagined myself drawing people (my subjects are mostly girls) because I had a hard time learning anatomy, or drawing humans in general. But, I believe that practice is key and that I’ll be able to improve my skills, put my works out there, and even earn from them.

Today, I get to sell my stuff along so many talented people in Common Room PH. 😊

How long have you been doing this craft?

I started making art and posting them in 2016. Meanwhile, I had my merch line last May 2016 – only a few weeks left ’til the first year!

Why did you pursue it?

Honestly speaking, my sister (Ella Lama) inspired me to pursue this path – that I can do the thing I love doing and earn from it. I’m extremely lucky that I have supportive family and friends that inspire me to be better and to make more meaningful work.

Moreover, I think that pursuing this craft is fulfilling in a sense that my works can have a positive impact on an individual, most especially young girls!

A post shared by Marie Lama (@marie_lama) on

A post shared by Marie Lama (@marie_lama) on

 More about Marie

Did you have struggles in pursuing the craft?

I think the main struggle [was and still] is constantly having to compare my work to others’ work. But I’ve learned to accept my own pace and that small progress is still progress. Besides, mastering a craft takes a long time and any improvement is a step closer to my goal! 😊

Favorite quote?

None at the moment, but everyone must see The Greatest Showman ’cause it’s relatable on so many levels!!! 😊

Still fangirling, I’m sorry!

What keeps you on doing the craft?

I would say that the support I get from the community is what fuels me to improve further. I’m grateful to be surrounded by kind and loving people that help me stay positive on days when I feel ‘mehhh.’

Top 3 favorite tools?
  • Good paperIt doesn’t matter what brand because really, all you have to do is research. Look for what’s available in the market, and see what works best with your style.
  • My trusty watercolor paintsI initially started with just 12 handpicked colors from Holbein that, and now I currently have 24 colors in my custom palette.
  • Deovir Taklon BrushesI used to like Berkeley and Scrivo brushes, but the quality deteriorated over the years. Deovir’s Taklon brushes are springy and can hold enough water (for my style, at least), and they’re very affordable!
If you are to share your tips and tricks to newbies, what would those be?
  • Immerse yourself with people who inspire you – not just in art-making but life in general.
  • Constant practice will help you improve tremendously.
  • Always remember that everyone has their own pace; you don’t have to be pressured about others’ progress.

If you were to describe the craft in three words, what will those be?

  • Fun
  • Fulfilling
  • Awesome

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FAM Marie Lama

What are you going to learn this summer? 😃


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