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Live Life to the Fullest with Asus Zenfone Live L1!

November 17, 2018

Live life with Asus Zenfone Live L1

People live their lives differently. Some take numerous adventures, while others just sit back and binge watch their favorite series or movies. The rest of the world seems to be moving at a fast pace, I tend to slow down a bit and savor every moment. I simply live life to the fullest with Asus Zenfone Live L1.

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Loving Asus Zenfone 5Q

Top 3 Things I Love About Asus Zenfone 5Q

Asus released a new phone called Zenfone 5Q. Luckily, I got chosen to try it. Overall, the experience gave me a new perspective on Zenfones. But here’s what I really love about this phone.…

October 28, 2018
Sining: Biyaya o Sumpa?
Art Thoughts

Sining: Sumpa o Biyaya? A Balag at Angud Review

Last August 31, 2018, we watched a game-changing show which I find very timely for millennials nowadays. Most of us question ourselves whether or not we pursue what our hearts want or stick to what’s practical. One of the lines that struck me the…

September 1, 2018
Events Movies & Series

The One That Adds Channels: iFlix Channels

Just last September 20, iFlix Philippines formally launched iFlix Channels. It combined various channels that would let us binge watch shows and movies. From Disney to Marvel and even up local channels like ABS-CBN and GMA plus Star Cinema, it’s there!…

September 30, 2017