Blogging Ideas and Prompts #2

October 18, 2017

Blogging Ideas and Prompts 2

Are you at a loss of ideas? Here, I’ll be sharing some blogging prompts and ideas that may inspire you to continue writing and creating content.

Blogging Ideas and Prompts #2

This is the second wave of ideas and prompts that I’ve gathered to help other bloggers and creative people. As I previously mentioned, some may get lost with so many ideas and cannot choose one. Picking topics for your content can be quite tedious since you have to contemplate on that before moving onto actually drafting it.

So, are you ready for new prompts?

#1 Why do you blog?

I have written something like this before yet I find this a very hard question to answer. To some, they blog because it’s one of the coolest jobs ever. I couldn’t imagine myself sitting down in an office, facing the computer and just continuously typing like there’s no tomorrow.

Being a blogger or a freelancer, I have the freedom to choose the hours I’ll be working and where will I work. Aside from that, I could manage and balance my time between work and school. I’m a post-grad student, you’ll know more here.

Don’t forget to answer the question from the bottom of your hearts. Letting your readers know your purpose why you started blogging will always inspire them to do better in their life and push towards reaching their goals.

#2 Top 3 favorite series (tv or movie)

This is by far another hard question to answer.

For me, I watch a lot of series from anime to tv and even movies series. So, picking your top 3 will be such a challenge to do!

I look forward to reading your posts if ever!

#3 What is your dream job?

Another hard topic to write about since it could entail the whole of your being. But to help you gather some thoughts, I suggest you watch Bianca Gonzalez’ vlog #PaanoBaTo. There is one particular vlog wherein she guests Atom Araullo and they give pieces of advice about pursuing your passion or staying with a stable job. To watch, click this.

#4 How do you feel about long distance friendships?

Some may not be able to relate at all. Most would wonder why not blog about long distance relationships. Well, relationships may depend on the couple and if they would want to share their story. Yet, this is another idea that may have not yet been explored.

I personally have friends living outside the Philippines and we only talk through apps and through the internet. It may be challenging because of the time zone difference but some friendships are really worth the time and effort your spend.

#5 A letter to your future self

Well some might be writing letters to their past selves, here’s something to look forward to. What are the things you want to tell your future self?

Will it be about achievements or marriage? Or about something you wish you would do or done?

Nevertheless, I wish if you’ll write something for your future self, it would always be the truth as if you are capable of talking to your future self.

Sometimes, I’m jealous of Barry Allen. He could just time travel but of course, it comes with consequences. Everyone must be cautious.

I do wish that you’ll be motivated and ignited to write your blog posts with these prompts and ideas.

Please do let me know if you were inspired by these. I’d love to see and read your posts! 💙

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