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W’s and H’s Behind MQ’s Shop

September 20, 2017

Welcome to MQ's Shop!

This took me a while to create and construct. MQ’s Shop aims to share the passion and earn from it both at the same time. Slowly, but surely earning!

MQ’s Shop: What is it really?

Just recently, my online store came to life. It took me months on figuring out what to sell, how to configure the site in general and also tweaking the theme I got. To be honest, I really got zero knowledge when it comes to running a self-hosted online store. My experience was just posting it on social media and wait until someone inquires about the items. That was how things were. However, things changed when I started watching Girl Boss.

After watching that, I started thinking about my skills and what could I do with it. Some asked me if they could order some artworks from me. With that in mind, I began to realize that I could go somewhere with my skills.

What is it really?

This is a personal project of mine. It’s a place wherein dreamers and enthusiasts like me would be able to earn from the skills they have.

Not only that, but also a place where they can pass on and share the passion to others as well. It’s not that big, it’s just a small tiny business that I made wherein I could sell some of the works I do.

It may not be known to some but some of the proceeds will be donated to charities.

We had a shirt selling project where we sold shirts with our design. Proceeds were donated for Marawi refugees.

What’s inside?

When you visit the store, you’ll get to see different categories classifying the products that we have.

Some are:

  • postcards
  • printable guide sheets or drills
  • blank planners
  • stickers
  • framed embossed artworks
  • kraft notebooks
  • shirts

and lastly, freebies!!

You will see notebooks that are either hand-designed or printed. Not only that but you also get to see postcards with either illustrations or scribbles. There will also be hand-designed postcards on kraft paper. Various stickers and/or sticker packs will be sold here.

From time to time, we’ll be creating themed products such as Mothers’ Day cards.

I know these are just a few and I’m hoping we could have more products coming soon. That would be possible through your help! 💙

How it came to be?

Through my webhost, I created another subdomain site which eventually became my online store. Creating the subdomain site was easy since I’ve already have two (MQ’s Scribbles and MQ Study).

With, you will only have to install WooCommerce and the rest will fall into place. You can start uploading your product photos and information without a problem. So far, I don’t have any problems yet.

But remember that your theme must be compatible with WooCommerce. Else, it may not work at all. Don’t forget to check the compatibility before buying a theme online. 😊

How to Order?

I made a video on how to order on the site. It’s almost the same as how you order on other online stores or malls. 😊

You may play it faster. When I did the video, connection was intermittent that’s why loading took a while.

Don’t worry about your details, it’s safe with us!

How quick will the delivery be?

It may take a week or two for delivery since some of the orders are made-to-order. The wait is short for downloadables, it will be in a day or two.

What are the modes of payment?

  • Paypal
  • Bank deposit/transfer (BPI or BDO)
  • LBC Money Padala

No cash on delivery (COD).

Shipping Jitters

There are four (4) shipping methods: Postal, Express, Regular and Free Shipping. More details here.

So there it is! I hope you’ll continue loving local artists in your area. Also, don’t get tired of supporting them! 💙

Hope you’ll get to visit MQ’s Shop soon!

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