The #VPartySeries Experience

November 10, 2015

Last Saturday was the day of the #VPartySeries: Midnight Mysteries which was held at Victoria Court Malate. This was in partnership with Breakout PH and Fox. To tell you about our experience, here’s what transpired.

We arrived at Victoria Court at around 4:30 in the afternoon last Saturday and we registered and got oriented. We were even asked if we would want to wait until 5pm since it was our reserved schedule. We then opted to get on with it. So there I was with Sam and his brother, Tyrone getting hyped and nervous as well because we were only three (3) in the Marrakesh room!

Warning: Capturing photos inside the rooms was not allowed even after we finished our turn. If you want to check what were the rooms, browse this. Photos I have were taken after we finished!

Personally, I was imagining different kinds of scares like if we were to be separated, will we be scared by zombies or whatsoever characters that were there. Luckily, my imagination was really high yet what transpired was quite different.

Knowing Breakout PH, there was a puzzle that needs to be solved in order to escape the room. We were able to figure out what’s the story behind and what should have been done yet we weren’t able to succeed.

The story is patterned from the 7 Capital Sins (Pride, Lust, Envy, Greed, Sloth, Anger, Gluttony). There were 6 actors portraying Greed, Anger, Sloth, Gluttony, Lust and Envy yet Pride was not portrayed because we all had it in us. The eagerness to open the box was the work of pride. It was like Pandora’s Box. When you open it, it will unleash all the evil in the world. Figuring out the story was the easy part yet giving up was the hard part.

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When Lust and Envy began to creep us out, they asked us questions like who’s the strongest and the weakest. I was voted as strongest and was sacrificed and locked in the toilet room where there was a hole in the ceiling. Thinking that someone will come out the ceiling to scare me, I just stayed near the toilet.

For our team, I guess it was really my fault that we did not win. It was due to the pride and I feel responsible for it. Yet, the goal was to have fun, right?

I was really surprised when they reposted my photo because of all those that were present and posted, they chose mine! Hihihi. But of course, we enjoyed the food and the movie yet we weren’t able to stay that long since we still commitments afterwards.

Tyrone with Anger

The movie place


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Those were the only photos that I have, the other updates I had were posted on my Snapchat (mariaisquixotic) and wasn’t able to save it. Though the food was great. I loved the fishball, kikiam, squidball, fish fillet and fries. The juice was so good that I had to go back for more than a couple of times!


Rating: ★★★★
We really did enjoy the game and the event yet it was lacking some more scare factor. It may also be that my imagination (like zombie courtesans/zombies/corpses) was really high that seeing the other ads and posts about Breakout PH may have affected my expectations with this.Yet, being able to realize your flaws at the end is one factor that makes me love something more. Being able to treasure the time you had with your friends without the internet or gadgets is really difficult to achieve these days. I would have to commend Breakout PH and Victoria Court for that!
However, I’d like to suggest that it may be better if you could have the event on halloween itself or day or two before halloween so the spooky vibe is still around the corner, incorporate more actors to scare. (I’d volunteer if you want too!)Nevertheless, the whole experience was really wonderful! From the game to the movie marathon to the cocktail and even the registration. The presence of the staff was felt when they were orienting us and even assisting minutes before the game started. This was a long post and I hope I did not bore you! ✌︎ 

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