Intangible Wish list

October 6, 2015

Do you wish for some things that are intangible?

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What are those things that you want to have but you cannot touch nor smell? How I wish that someone could give an intangible thing to another and would be contented with that but no. It’s too difficult to satisfy one’s needs and wants with intangible things. Most would want to be spoiled with those tangible stuff they see everywhere. Where will you stand?

For every individual there would always be those intangible things that you would wish for like world peace, good governance, and lastly, be appreciated and accepted for who you truly are. Anyone would want that especially in the current events that have been happening.

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To be seen as a young adult and not as a child 

This has been haunting me since forever. Yes, the college has passed and now, into the post-grad studies, but if people will still continue to blab or nag you yet never listen to you, that is one giant pain in the ass. What hurts more is that you know that you are right yet whenever they speak, they would make you feel dumb. Mistakes will never be absent for those teach us the greatest of lessons. Lessons not learned in school, but in the real world. Never-ending nonsense blabs would never get away and it seems it casts a humongous shadow that is always behind you. Don’t you want some peace and just be treated just as you are, a young adult. 
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Taboos *slash* being open-minded

People are judged just because the majority does not think of that way. Have you ever thought of having a haircut so short that people would think that you are moving on or you broke up with your partner? Some who have their hair cut short would be a part of the victims of that assumption. Don’t assume that just because someone has more than two (2) piercings, the person is an addict or what. I have five (5) piercings and planning to get more yet someone told me that I’m a hippie already. Please. Even with those who get inked. It’s an art and I really would want to get inked someday! If people would just open their minds a little bit wider still. 
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Some independence and not being ruled unjustly

Yup, you read that right. Just some independence. Why? Currently, a jobless person who is still studying and just having part time jobs cannot earn that much to finance a solo life. Every person still needs someone to support them in some matters, may be matters that we may not know about. Yet, some still think that you cannot grow into your own without a life support. Well, personally, I would want to live on my own again so I could learn new things like learning more by doing household chores or even cooking for myself. I also miss the times that I don’t have to adjust to rules that restricted the so-called freedom. Being able to freely hang around with people without any restrictions would be nice. Being fed up could literally destroy someone.

These are just some of the intangible things that I would definitely like to receive but, I am really not looking forward because those should not affect negatively as a person. These should be used as a motivation to do better yet it’s inevitable to feel that you just don’t belong because you stand out. Sometimes, people who stand out are thinking differently because they deliberately want to fit in, to conform with what the society demands. 


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When will we be able to feel, just feel and not ridiculed by others?

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