Paano Ba ‘To?!

June 3, 2015

This was the book written by Bianca Gonzalez-Intal which is an inspirational book to guide each and every reader on how to survive growing up.

How To Survive Growing Up

Ah, Bianca Gonzalez, a woman that I have been looking up to her since I was a teenager for what reason? I honestly do not know but this I know, she may have experienced what the others have experienced too.

People admire her for being what she is and how she is. Honestly, I bought this book before the semester ended and started even if I still have tons of academic readings pending. It really helped me rethink about how  was I living my life.

If I was doing it the right way or not, then there’s this thought that what will happen if I finished reading this book? Will I go back to reading Clash of Kings?

As a young adult on the verge of making decisions that would greatly affect my future, the book has helped me to realize that even though you make mistakes, your family will always have your back. I would really say  that how I wished this book was written during younger years. But, if it had been published before then I will not have those mistakes and would have lived a clean slate.

Almost every individual would want to travel back in time to fix some minute details that might greatly affect the future.

At first, you could be very open to your family but there’s a point in life where you think they will judge you basically on the things you did or achieving.To be honest, I could relate to almost every item in the book since other people have been experiencing heavier events than I did but guess what, they came out stronger. That truly inspires me to become better.


Relatively, insecurities have never been absent all throughout my existence. I’ve been going to salons to get my nails done, to get waxed and even to the derma to have my skin checked. I wanted to become like them that I forgot who I really was.

Literally, I was an ugly duckling ever since, even up to date, I still think that I am an ugly duckling.

But, thinking that way could really crush your confidence and self-esteem so when I got to that part of the book, I almost could have punched my wall for it struck me that I was really wrong this entire time. It’s really inevitable to be insecure about someone or something but just let it not get to your head too much. It could kill you, literally.

Well, to make this a review, here’s a few opinions that I have for this book:
  • The price is reasonable.
  • The book is really a great read! I personally love it and could read it more than once!
  • The author really expressed her thought very well. The chapters were arranged in accordance to importance. (From what I observed)
  • The artworks were really amazing and inspiring!
  • It seems that it was really made for the audience that are currently experiencing confusion or trouble with their life. Or maybe having the biggest dilemma in which should they pursue.

Because of the previous bullet, I just had to do this:

The artworks or doodles at the back of the front cover really inspired me to practice more of calligraphy.

As you can see the blank space there, I wrote my name using calligraphy which still needs improvement.

  • The entries sent by other people were really touching and inspiring to other individuals, such as for myself.
  • I would really recommend it to others to let them become the best version of themselves!
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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions presented are mine.

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