Random Winnings

November 25, 2014

What do you think about winning in a random contest and get to enjoy the prize after? How did you know you won? How did you feel about winning?

This post is about the contests/promos/raffles that I have been joining and may have successfully won. I was not really expecting that I would have a chance at winning since there are a lot of people in this country who have social media accounts that would just be participating in this kind of event. This may be little prizes for some, and grandiose for others but for me these are great because I get to enjoy participating and doing it all!

For starters, I won two tickets to Neverland Manila 2014 through GrabTaxi‘s promo. What I did was to share a photo they posted and make its privacy as public so they could see those who have shared the photo. Luckily, I was chosen as a winner and I just knew that I won two days prior to the day of the event. And even if I had not yet talked to the management of GrabTaxi for inquiries regarding claiming, one even asked me if he/she could buy it from me yet I did not say anything since I was planning to go there with Sam. To our surprise, we learned that some friends were there as well so we got to hang out with them.

After the contest with GrabTaxi for the tickets, I joined FILED‘s Wander-A-Day Challenge in which for the whole month of October, one will post a doodle or scribble per day depending on what is the theme they have presented you. Since I am not good in doodling or drawing, I just opted to scribble per day since I am more comfortable with that and I am more comfortable in writing. So for 31 days, I posted different scribbles that would be related to the day’s theme.

The challenging part here for me was thinking of unique things about the places you have to scribble on. There was one point in this challenge that I was about to withdraw since I was not really able to let my creative side show since law school demands more of your logical side. I even told myself to focus on studying the subjects instead of spending time thinking about what to write yet, I did not let that win. I had to balance both sides of my brain in order for me to function well. So my entries are in this album just click it and it will direct you to my scribbles. To be honest, others were really minimalistic and simple yet others showed my imagination and creativity in presenting my scribbles. I know that my penmanship is not that great unlike others but who cares, it’s mine anyway. To my surprise, at the end of the month, FILED just posted about the lucky winners of their 2015 planners (Doodle and Scribble) and I was part of the list which is totally unexpected! Here’s the album of my entries [x].
The Scribble planner that I won from FILED looks and is awesome. I got it together with Ella Lama goodies which by the way, is awesome too!

I was feeling artsy fartsy when I took this photo I posted this on my Instagram account where I post my other feeling artsy fartsy photos. β˜Ί
Next two promos or contests that I joined and successfully won were with Globe for the #GlobeSocialMediaDay in which you have to post about your favorite social media platform and tell the reason why. I chose Twitter since you get to be updated by the minute and it is more real time than the other platforms. I sent as many entries as I could and as many reasons as I could think of because I was really wanting to win because the prize was a thousand reward points for them. I was one of the lucky winners and enjoyed my reward after!
The next promo with Globe that I joined was the #GlobeCommunityCINE917 in which a Globe Community user would be able to successfully join if he/she has helped another user by answering or suggesting solution/s to their problems posted on the website. I aided the one with the pocket wifi problem which I am amply knowledgeable since I had been using Globe’s pocket wifi for around four years now so then and there, I posted my reply to the query hoping that the person shall be helped with my proposed solution. Unexpectedly, I was chosen as a winner for this promo and won myself two tickets to a block screening of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 which was shown in Cinema 2 at Greenbelt. I watched it with Sam and we enjoyed the cocktail there and saw some teen celebrities as well.
Last but not the least, I am happy as well to be one of the brand ambassadors of Zalora PH. To avail of the discount, here’s the code. Use it when you checkout after shopping at Zalora PH! Try it now! They have items not only for women but also for men. Also, for kids!! β˜Ί

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P.S. To some this may seem a bragging post but this is really just because I am happy about what transpired these past weeks. βœŒ

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