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July 23, 2014

This is my first time to write or blog or post about a product that I have just got acquainted too. I was introduced to FILED by my friend, Rej Relova, whom she has known for a long period of time now. I saw her FILED pocket wallet when we were together in Kawa-Kawa park last May and she told me of the fantastic features of it. I was then curious about the brand the products they offer. I started checking their website to see what products they offer. From my curiousity, I saw that the products are distinct and versatile from one another in different ways.

After seeing their site, I was immediately captured by it and started saving for me to be able to buy their products.

So I started my FILED collection by purchasing the pocket wallet and file folder, which I will show you. Just to let you know, I am not a brand ambassador of some sort of FILED. I am just a simple fan and patronizer of their product. ☺

 For my first purchase, I got myself:

  • File Folder (Midnight Black)

To know more about this product, here are the features and specifications that I got from their site:


  • 14 in x 11 in x 1.5 in
  • Exterior is made out of Leatherette
  • Waterproof exterior to make sure your documents don’t get wet
  • Magnetic flap lock
  • Concealable folder handle
  • Durable interior lining
  • 3-Ring Binder (standard size)
  • Detachable mesh pencil case
  • Pocket for long bond papers
  • Card slots and ID pocket
  • Hook for keys/flash drive
  • 2 spacious pockets with covers
  • 2 spacious pockets
  • Comes with 6 types of fillers that match the exterior folder color!

Fillers included:

  • 5 pieces Notes Fillers
  • 1 Divider Filler
  • 1 1-Pocket Filler
  • 1 3-Pocket Filler
  • 1 Ziplock Filler
  • 1 Envelope Filler

 And to be honest, during my job hunt days, I was using my file folder and indeed, it was really helpful because it kept my files organized and easy to get. And now that I will be going to school again (hopefully a full-time student), I will be using my file folder for school documents or even homeworks and/or papers.

  • Pocket Wallet (Flamin’ Red)

Here are the specifications:


  • 12 cm x 10 cm x 2.5 cm
  • Quality leatherette exterior
  • Exterior slot for easy storage of your coins
  • Expandable bin for your coins
  • Four-pocket compartment for your cash, cards, and photos
  • Compartment for your receipts and coupons
  • Snap button for added security
  • ID pocket
  • Back pocket for easy bills access

 When I got my pocket wallet from FILED, I was a little skeptic at first since I have lots of things that I put in my wallet from my money to coins to valuables. At first I had a hard time adjusting but after a few weeks of using it frequently, I’d prefer to use my pocket wallet more than my long wallet since it is very handy and it organizes my needs just the way I like it.

After my first purchase, I just can’t stop admiring and patronizing their products because their quality is really the best and still affordable! I have been buying other paper products (of other brands) from bookstores and for me, theirs are the best! 👍

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So for my second purchase or transaction with them, I got myself products that would be of use to me especially for my upcoming classes. Let’s start with:

  •  Doodle Planner (Black)

I was really torn if which color to choose since their design is so lovely that I could just buy both colors but that would be shopaholic of me so I stick with black since if it will get dirty in the future, it won’t be that obvious. With the features and specifications presented, you would get really giddy with this! I also got myself a electric blue Moodi plush keychain which really looks good with my electric blue link notes!


  • 18 cm x 13 cm x 2 cm
  • Available in black and white
  • Matte laminate cover and smythe sewn binding
  • Page Muncher template for you to make your own bookmark!
  • Doodle fun pages per month to design and color
  • More spacious monthly and daily views and additional Notes pages
  • Monthly expense tracker
  • Moodi, the mood tracker, of course!
  • Life and 2014 plans
  • Movies to see, books to read, places to visit and restaurants to try
  • Kraft pocket
  • Date starts on December 9, 2013
  • All online orders for shipping also come with a planner box!
  •  Link notes & link notes refill (electric blue, magma orange, funky green)

Since I am a lefty and writing on a spring notebook would be really hard for me, I opted for their link notes. The shift notes were really tempting me since they have plain sheets in there but I’d really prefer spring-less or disc-less for my notes. I saw their product at Fully Booked at Torre Lorenzo 2 here in Taft and yes, it was really amazing because the quality of the paper is really nice to write on plus no springs! Even if the link notes is quite pricey than an ordinary binder, at least you won’t be having a hard time to change fillers or even move to next part since it is like browsing a book. (From my experience ☺✌)

The features of these products would be:

Linknotes Jacket Features:

  • 23.5 cm x 17 cm x 2.5 cm
  • Exterior is made out of Leatherette
  • Waterproof exterior to make sure your notes don’t get wet
  • Durable interior lining
  • Magnetic flap lock
  • Hidden pen loop
  • Pocket for small papers
  • Card slots and ID pocket

Linknotes Refills Features:

  • Comes with 5 Linkable refills through their cover pockets
  • Alternating colors of refills
  • 20 lined pages
  • Quality paper

 Just to reiterate, I am no brand ambassador of FILED. I am just an amazed customer who will be patronizing their products more after my transactions with them.

Before I forget, I ordered these through their site and paid thru Paypal and my goods were delivered quickly just as I requested since I want to use them by Thursday! 😜☺✌


  • Photo used above is my own photo, captured thru my phone and post-processed through VSCOcam
  • You may visit their site by simply clicking this. 

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