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What to Watch Next: Recreate

June 20, 2019

One of the reasons why I keep coming back to Benilde: to watch amazing theatrical shows created, directed, or even produced by the student body. Back then, I used to watch these shows a lot. Not only because I have friends in the production theme but it’s a wonderful experience. Fast forward to 2019, here’s a show called Recreate that enticed me once more. But why?…

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5 Things I Didn't Expect with Freelancing

5 Things I Didn’t Expect with Freelancing

Freelancing gives people the chance to work at their own time/schedule and pace. However, it comes with a price. Some feel bored working from the comfort of their homes as they don’t go out anymore. Also, others feel isolated for reasons only they know…

June 15, 2019

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy?

Maybe you’ve seen some of your girlfriends post a photo of their new hairdo on social media with the caption “New hair, who dis?” There are plenty of reasons women dye and cut their hair; whether it be a break up, a new trend,…

May 15, 2019
26 Aspirations and Wishes
Dear Diary Wishes

The One with the 26 Aspirations and Wishes

26 aspirations and wishes for 2019 as I take on another chapter in my life. I personally don’t share much about my birthday or announce it but I like to share this part of myself. So now, I share my different aspirations and wishes…

May 1, 2019
Blogging Prompts 7

Beat the Blogging Hiatus through these Prompts

As a blogger and a writer, we encounter some hiatus that hinders us from writing or pouring out our thoughts. Some think of it as something harmful to the numbers of your blog or website products. However, going on a pause or a break…

April 24, 2019
Various Fishing Methods

What Do You Need to Know About Various Fishing Methods?

Fishing is a popular and social activity that brings a good amount of peace and satisfaction with it. There are many fishing enthusiasts who enjoy the hobby and are looking to gain a wider range of techniques to get more joy for the activity.  …

April 18, 2019
How To Add The Right Colours To Engagement Rings
Dear Diary Lifestyle

How To Add The Right Colours To Engagement Rings

Engagement and wedding rings can be given a completely new look when a little colour is added. If you are deciding whether to go for the classic colourless diamond rings or something more colourful, this article will help you choose what’s best for your requirements.…

April 4, 2019